Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Picture Collage or 70's Sitcom?

 I've put off this mini project for a bit:
Hanging pictures.
  I couldn't help but sing The Brady Bunch theme song while putting this together.
If you look real close, do we start looking up and down at each other?
Jan! Marcia! Bobbie!

Usually I just whip things up right after painting a room - not this time.  A few months ago the livng room was painted  a deep beige.  My style has moved away from the shabby chic look and gone more retro/elcectic with the black tar paper fireplace.  I wanted to continue on with the black and white theme. The wall was looking pretty bare.

 I wanted to do a photo collage. 
I enlarged a favorite picture of each one of us to 5 x 7.   
The typewriter pic - I took.  The L is for our last name.
The 6 is because we are a family of six. 

I layed the frames on the floor and played with the arrangement till I got them how I wanted them.
Paul is the measure man, so he hung them. We measured how long the wall was, then chose the center.
We measured the the whole layout was 49 x 24. 
He then measured down from the ceiling where each nail should be.

For taking the typewriter pic, I walked around my house looking for interesting things. 
 To get the close up in focus, I set the camera to 'macro'. 

The L and 6 I just printed from my computer.

The frames are 'Ribba' from Ikea. 
2 - 5x7 @ 2.99 ea.
6 - 8x10 @ 4.99 ea.
1- 12 x 16 @ 9.99

I think it spruces up the living room.
As long as I was in the living room - I took some new fireplace pics too.
It's not super glamorous as this is where the tv is and the kids mostly are and the way to the kitchen.
Picture a ball flying through the air and you're as good as there.

And last but not least: Reality.  Mike the Dog.

(I'm taking a break from the kid's room progress while I gather some materials. )

I'm glad these pics are finally hung! 
Why did I put it off so long?

xo Jeanne.


  1. I've also asked myself many, many times "Why did I put it off so long?"!:) Your latest project looks great! I love the photo of the typewriter. All the elements in the room really work together.

  2. I'm loving those photographs on your wall especially the typewriter; I'm a typewriter nut. The chalkboard wall above your mantel is fabulous. Looking forward to seeing more of your creations.

  3. Visiting from Hope Studios Tutorial Tuesday.

    Your framed pics turned out great! The typewriter one is really good. :)

  4. love the chalk board above the fireplace. very unexpected.

  5. I got a laugh about the BRADY BUNCH pics:) Thanks for coming to my NTT party!


  6. Looks amazing~ great job on getting them all up- they look great together on the wall and love that chalkboard!! :) Thanks for sharing at Feathered Nest Friday! :)

  7. That's a terrific idea for a wall arrangement, Jeanne. Your reference to the Brady Bunch made me smile. ;) And the picture of Mike is a hoot!

    Thanks for linking to the party.

    Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage


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