Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Faux Headboard - painted on the wall.

I've painted a faux headboard on my daughter's bedroom wall. 
 It's pretty funky.
This is one of the first steps to her room redo.

Click here to see it Finished - the final touches done.

Not only have I been granted supreme permission
to actually enter my 16 yr old daughter's room -
but she has also let me paint on her wall. 
Perhaps there are other mother's of teenage girls who can relate. 
{The Faux} Headboard
  • She found a picture of a real headboard online, then I made a mock -up drawing of it.
  • I measured 42" on a sheet of paper, marked the middle then folded it in half.
  • I drew half of the headboard design. (think of how you made Valentine's where you were a kid - making 1/2 a heart on a folded piece of paper, then cutting it out and opening the page.  It's the exact same thing.)
  • After cutting it out - revealing the full size, I taped it on the wall.
  •  I just used a pencil and followed the outline.
  • Then I painted it, 2 coats.
This is just a teaser as it's not done.
I need to tweak it a bit.
Here's the colors my daughter has put together:

Here is my own drawn design - which she vetoed.
She's going hip and this was too princess-y.
(I'll save it for another sweet girl.)

{I still think it's fabulous.}

The room is coming along tre' chic  - stay tuned!

xo Jeanne.


  1. You have been given a "Stylish Blogger Award". You can check out my blog for the details. Congratulations and enjoy!!


  2. I love!
    This could replace the tacky board I have in the guest room now.
    A friday's favorite for sure :-)

  3. Yep; I can relate, Jeanne! They insist on contributing their independent thought when they reach that age. But it looks really cool so far. I'll have to jump over and see the progress.

    Thanks for linking to party. Hope you plan on joining me for "Funny Faux Pas Follies" this Friday, as well.

    Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage


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