Sunday, February 20, 2011

Giving a Friend the World.

My Friend Jen is doing a globe theme. 
She asked my my opinion of how to incorporate it into her decorating.
I suggested going with a travel theme.  Then she could branch out from round globes. 
She could bring in maps, old suitcases and other fun things. 
About this time I spied a blog where a gal had painted a sillouette of the world on her wall. 

I knew this was it!  That was in December.
We set a date for February for me to paint it on Jen's wall. 
That gave us time to gather our materials and research how to do. 
Time flies and this past weekend was it! 

{Here's how we did it}
I googled "world map sillouette" and printed it.
Jenny took it to to a copy shop and had it printed on mylar - 80 cents.
She rented an overhead projector - $22.00
She bought pint of paint, Dutch Boy - Barley Hops.

We set the projector up and positioned the mylar where we wanted it- then taped it in place.
(we just played a bit and eyed it - nothing fancy)
Then I simply traced it.

And then painted.
2 coats, it took me 4 hrs.
I cut it in with a small brush, then filled in the larger parts with a bigger flat brush.

Chloe the Cat gave me company.

It was an fun and easy project to do. Instant art.

Thank you Jen for asking me!
I am happy to give you the world.
You can sit under it anytime you like.
{Just remember not to carry it on your shoulders.}

xo Jeanne.


  1. It looks great!! I can't imagine how tired your poor arm and legs must have gotten, standing there painting for four hours! That's a good friend!!

  2. You are simply amazing!!!! I would have been scared silly to try that.


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