Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Small Bathroom - BIG Change.

What was once dreary is now quite lovely.
Attached to the new and improved attic area, there is this little bathroom. 

So you can really truly appreciate the transformation, 
take a minute to absorb 'The Before.'

Before (gasp!)

When the kids were small and all upstairs I must've been deranged
However, time marches on and we've grown past a bug border (thank god)
 and green and lavender paint.  It had become a storage spot.
The original owners added it with simply a sink and a toilet.
No outlets, no mirror/medicine cabinet. 

{What we did}
  • I used DIF to strip the border, goodbye  bugs- and they were stubborn.  
  • I pulled up the old flooring - laminate tiles.  They came up easily with a bit of elbow grease.
  • I painted the room solid beige, two coats. (this is the same color as the kitchen)
Sunday,  Decorating Co-Captain Linda and Me
got down to business.
  • We measured where we wanted the horizontal stripe. Taped, then painted the first of two coats.
  • We laid the floor. 12 x 12 laminate tiles, purchased at Menard's for .59 cents each.  The Cabinet Maker had laid out a drawing for us, so we went by that - this helped a ton to get us started in the right direction, especially since we wanted to make it diagonal. Our materials were simply a measuring tape, box cutter knife, and a metal ruler to cut.
  • The floor install definitely took the most time, measuring, cutting, remembering what we measured, where we put the 'measuring thingie'; aka measuring tape.  It was time consuming but not frustrating or overly difficult.  Just a lot of measuring and cutting.   We kept ourselves focused with diet coke and a bowl of chocolate.
  • Here's the site we used to help us get started:

When the floor was done, we took a Wine Break,  then it all started coming together. 
We went back to work on the fun stuff-
 hanging the shelf and gathering the cool stuff to put on it.  

 Linda brought the fabulous black shelf over with her and donated it to the cause. 
 It couldn't be more perfect.   As we went along,
we came to see that black/white/silver was really the theme. 
  So we scurried around my house to see what we could find. 
Everything on the shelf, I already had. 
 I'd like to find an old silver/creamer set to replace the little enamel pots. 
 (slapping myself because about a year ago I threw a set into the bag to give to Goodwill.)  

The mirror I had been in search of - it turns out I already had
 It was hanging in another room. We carried it to the bathroom and liked it. 

The 'fabulous' sign had been hanging around for a bit too, so we used it below the mirror. 

And the teal plates went up underneath the weird window opening.
We moved the old window into the bathroom and hung it over the opening.
The sink skirt is the curtain I had bought last week at Goodwill.
I'm eternally grateful to Sue B; the awesome decorating guru friend and
designated sewer, who transformed it into the fabulous sink skirt.

For fun, I took out the toilet paper holder and put up the fab shelf. One roll or two?
Really fun that I already had all the shelf goodies.  I knew my collection old stuff would come in handy!

It really is just a tiny little space.
Fun that it's now girly and sweet.
No bugs.

The floor moulding has yet be put in (the cabinet maker),
but I could not possibly wait one more second to get the dreamy new bif up on the blog.
A rundown of the cost:
Floor: $12.
Plates: $8
Skirt: $13
The paint I had from previous projects.

A big gigantic never-ending hug to co-captain Linda
for spending her Sunday afternoon on my bathroom floor.
This is a true friend.


xox jeanne.


  1. What a transformation!
    Your new-look bathroom is so elegant and classy.

  2. What an AMAZING transformation! I love the floor, and the black shelf looks great.

  3. Wow! I can appreciate that! What a lot of work and it looks fantastic!

  4. It's beautiful! Great things come in small packages. P.S. That book under the tp is one of my favorites. Can't wait till the movie comes out. xo Robyn

  5. What a wonderful transformation!! :)

  6. cute. cute cute!!

    thanks for showing us the before too.


    barbara jean

  7. SHUT UP! $33 to create this fabulous space?? I LOVE IT! The floor is perfect! LOVE the stripe!! LOVE it!

    Lou Cinda

  8. WOW this is amazing and I LOVE it! Beautifully done! Thanks for sharing.

  9. What a beautiful space you've created, Jeanne! I adore it!! Fantastic job! I'm so glad you shared this at Anything Related!!

  10. Thanks Girls! It's really fun to have the room. It's like a little hidden treasure. I keep going up there, turning on the light and peaking in to make sure it's still there!

    xo Jeanne.

  11. What a wonderful job. I love the floor and your little fabulous sign

  12. I love your transformation - what vision you have!! Congratulations on such a beautiful finish!!


  13. Wow!!! that is a major difference and it looks fabulous!

  14. What a fabulous transformation! Way better than the bug border with green and lavender paint. :)

  15. Have to say-I just adore this room-love the flooring,shelf,knick knacks- bits and pieces look fab together-I'm your newest follower-Claire

  16. Wow~ what a great transformation!! I love what you have done in there- it is darling! I have those same vintage plates too! Thanks for sharing at Feathered Nest Friday! :)

  17. oh wow!! i love it all.
    Great job!

  18. Seriously beautiful transformation. I love repurposing!

  19. I love everything about the transformation, Jeanne! I would call it a small bathroom with a BIG impact. The colors, the floor, the shelf, the decorations - it's all fabulous.

    Thanks for joining the party.

    Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage

  20. This gives me hope for our very small and unendearing bathroom. Love it! Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  21. Hi Jeanne,
    Oakdale Patch would love to do a story about you! Please email me at stpaulgirl@msn.com to discuss.
    Michelle Leon

  22. :) looks really nice... although; am I the only one who finds it weird there are plates and teapots in the toilet?!

  23. Would you tell a dimwit exactly how you fixed the curtain up so that it didn't sag please, and do you store toiletries behind it?


  24. Yes Debzie, you are the only one.

    Unless you count my mother ...

  25. Love that shelf! Awesome job!

  26. popping over from your feature on 'better after'
    nice transformation! great job!
    so glad i found you, very nice blog.
    looking forward to getting to know you!

  27. Over from Better After- Your bathroom is GORGEOUS!!!! I forgot all about the bugs ;0)

  28. Love the shelf - you know I see those a lot in thrift stores. Great repurpose. I just found your blog btw,and I like it! I barely have a blog - still trying to figure it out, but I'll keep an eye on yours:)


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