Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Mini Project: Linen Closet gets a facelift

Okay, we really don't use it as a linen closet, it's 'door number 2'.
Why be normal?  In our house it holds all the everyday bathroom supplies.
First aid, hair products, cleaners, extra toilet get the picture.  
However, 6 people + 1 closet full of bathroom supplies =  a clean-out was calling my name

Once again, I shame myself with the 'Before':

And the 'After the Clean Out/Throw Away:

With the bins back in & tidy, it still wasn't quite right. 
 Better, but not 'done.'  Hmmmmm
Then I thought about the miracle of paint that transformed the upstairs. See it here.
 Why not paint the inside of the closet? Would it be worth it?
 Isn't it mostly hidden from view?  Yes.

  But it's old and the original owners had once painted it blue.
  Deep blue - on the sides.  Plus it has funky shelves. And the wierd wood back??
I thought a few coats of white would freshen it up and make it worthy of the cute little hallway it's in.
 So out came the paint.  It was begging for it.  I gave the door and trim a fresh coat too.

When cleaning out, throwing or giving away - I have one rule:
If it hasn't been seen or used in one year - it goes. 

In this case I tossed :
  • every old shampoo bottle that had a teaspoon left in it.
  • every sample size I had saved for some trip I'll be taking someday (why do I do this?).
  • every band-aid wrapper that lost it's way to the trash. (You'd think we had a band-aid wrapper collection.)
  • in the end, there was a trash bag and a half of wayward q-tips, old lotion and toothpaste past is prime. 

I grab milk glass vase thingies when see them. I use them as any kind of container, they come in handy.
The cute little vintage plastic nursery containers are from a garage sale years ago.. thanks Quandie!

I would actually like to take the panel off the door and put in frosted glass.
I hope I inspired someone, somewhere to tackle their own 'linen' closet clean-out.
(SEE!- I don't paint everything black!)

xo Jeanne.


  1. Hey, where is closet #2? Downstairs?

    Looks great, I should be motivated to paint my own closets ...


  2. Looks great! I just love cleaning out closets. It makes me feel very accomplished, and then I actually enjoy opening them as opposed to cringing! :)


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