Monday, January 24, 2011

Delighted with the Desk!

Now this looks like where Bees Knees Bungalow is made! 
Soooo much better.  It's a breath of fresh air and a long overdue project completed.  
 It's homey, inviting and uncluttered

The white framed area is chalkboard paint - $9.98 a pint.  It's painted right on the wall. 
The white moulding was added after it was dry. 

 The desk is from decorating co-captain Linda's summer Carriage House sale. 
 I thought it had sold long ago. But there it was, freezing and lonely just waiting for me in her garage. 
The cubbie shelf is from Home Depot; Martha Stewart Living.

The banner on the chalkboard - I whipped up
I went through my scrapbook paper supply looking for anything teal and black.
 I cut large diamonds, then folded them in half. 
I glued them to a string of twine, stamped them with a clock stamp, used distress ink on the edges.
 Bam!  A fabulous bit of color.

The Springtime for Jeanne-Marie child's book - I've had for a few years now.
 It was a gift from my sister Debbie .. Thanks Deb!

The two jars were this week's thrift store finds.  Love the big "misc." jar - $4.99.  
 It's filled with shredded newspaper at the moment.  The lamp I bought at Target.

I'm pretty happy with my little creative spot. 
The upstairs has come a looonng way in the past few weeks.

Here's the Before:
From Horrendously Embarrassing
(winning some kind of bravery award for even showing this):

To During - Less Horrid :

To...What a cozy little work space!

 For the life of me I couldn't get the pics just right.
I may redo them - I need daylight.   But it's a start and so much better.
Never ever will it get so bad again. I had the kids sign affidavits.

xo jeanne.

What's funny is that I've sat up at the desk this week and thought; "Now this is strange, perhaps I'll blink and all the crap will reappear?!  But no, thankfully - it's all really gone and the coziness remains.
Plus a few miracles happened. 

First, The Cabinet Maker said to me; "You know, this spot should be for you alone.  The kids should use something else".  Shocker of all time.
Second, the kids have kept the 'no food rule' and not eaten upstairs.  I know this because there are no drips or spills, and even more proof - no dishes left on the desk- which I assure you, if they ate there - they'd have left them. 
xo J.


  1. awesome! great job!...unbelievable!

  2. Holy carp!

    Looks fantastic.

    I see you decided to go with the black chalkboard, and I'm glad you did.

    Love the "J".


  3. It's my goal in life....... homey, inviting, and uncluttered. Your space is darling. I LOVE it. Thanks for sharing and thanks for sharing the before. You give us all hope! :)

  4. What's the little pixie ceramic on the desk? Is that what it is? Is that a 50s era piece?

  5. Oh,your new office space looks great!! I love the banner. It really adds a cute touch.

  6. Thanks all. ;)

    The little pink pixie sitting on the log...
    It's a piece I picked up at a garage sale about 5 years ago for $4. 1950s-ish. I have better pics of him if you'd like to see it close up.

    xo j.

  7. Such a great space you created! WOW! to the before and after photos. You really did an AMAZING job :D

  8. OMG. Huge transformation. LOL. Love it!
    Love ya Sis.

  9. So CUTE Jeanne!! I love every bit of it!! The chair seat is cute cute cute too!! I think I need a closer up photo of that!!

    The desk, the chalk board, the cubby!! PERFECT!!

    I NEED a space like this!!

    Lou Cinda

  10. Haha! Thanks for showing the "before"---sometimes I wonder if I am the only one who ever has my place in utter disarray---it's nice to see it's a process for us all.

    Your new space looks great---so cheerful and organized. Bet you are loving it!

  11. Oooh, your own private creative retreat! I think the cabinet maker had a great idea. ;) You should be able to get sooo much more accomplished, Jeanne. Now that you've decluttered and decorated, let the dreamin' begin. ;)

    Have a great weekend!

    Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage

  12. I love the chalkboard- it is just fabulous!! What a great space- and how great to have it all to yourself too!! Thanks so much for sharing at Feathered Nest Friday! :)


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