Monday, January 31, 2011

Basement Stairs: Almost Done.

Oh.  My.  Goodness.  
This project was not for the faint of heart.  But a good change:

That one teenie tiny little sentence in the 'Before Post' - 
"so I have to remove the staples before I can paint;" 

Should have read: 
 "Before I can paint, I will spend a day pulling out horrid staples - 
wrapping 2 blistered fingers, while cursing the man who put them in 50 years ago." 

I had the kids pulling staples too.  It was a family affair - quite funny actually.  That is how Saturday afternoon went until I gave up and painted the walls and ceiling.   The Cabinet Maker rescued me late in the day and pulled the rest out - thank god. (he had been away all day).  I chose the same beigy-mocha as is in the kitchen for the hallway and ceiling. There are so many pitches and angles to the whole thing,  I feel like a gymnast. 

On Sunday the stairs were ready to paint.. here are some 'during' pics:

{The Run Down}
  • I pulled of the remaining carpet and pad.
  • After pulling staples or staple pulling breaks, I painted the walls beige.
  • I painted the left and right sides of the stairs, (Benjamin Moore - Linen White), two coats.
  • To measure the center 'paint runner', Paul measured where in the middle of the stairs is, then tied a string running down the middle of the whole stairway, then measured equally outward - making the runner even.
  • I painted the Green.  (Glidden - Truly Olive), two coats. 
  • I painted the railing white, 2 coats.
  • In between coats I painted the back door 2 fresh coats of white.  The black is chalkboard paint. 
  • Paul put new casing on the french doors and back door - yippee!

For taping the stairs for the green runner, I relied on Paul who could do it way faster & straighter than I could.
It's not glamorous, but here's what it looked like.

I would say not to try this as a first DIY job.
 It was a tough one.

It's not 100% done - I have to add a final touch before I can do a total 'After' post.
I couldn't do it with the paint not completely dry.  Plus my right hand and arm are about to fall off. LOL.


Here is the finsihed product!
xo Jeanne.


  1. wow! You really worked hard, but your stairs came out great!!

  2. I love this look and it's so popular now. Have you considered putting numbers on each riser or step? It would look really cool.

  3. Terry, yes. Shhhhhhh. Stairs aren't quite done......

    xo Jeanne.

  4. Oh Jeanne! It is FAB-U-LOUS!!!! I can just imagine how labor intensive it was! But SO worth it!

    I LOVE it!!

    Lou Cinda :)

  5. It looks awesome! I love the green. Well worth the effort!

  6. OOOOOH Love this!! You may have given me an idea, since my stairs (under the carpet) are not real wood. I thought I'd have to replace the treads, but maybe I can just paint them all white....hmmmm... Thanks!!!!!

  7. Love your stairs and I have been wanting for a long time to do the same to our basement stairs but I have to ask is the paint slippery? or does it chip?

  8. I have that same old brown color on my stairs! I think that every man in the United States picked that same color! I am so relieved that the modern woman now chooses the colors and does the painting! Your stairs are incredible and your information is sooo appreciated, I still have to tackle mine! You did an exceptional job!

  9. I hope you get this message! I have paint on my stairs from the previous owner, but after 2 months they are already scratched and chipped! Do you have any suggestions to eliminate this?


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