Thursday, December 30, 2010

Banner Up!

The Christmas mantel is redone with a New Year's banner made on the cheap. 
 The only thing I bought was glitter and tacky glue.

  • I started by typing "happy new year" in large black letters, printing it and cutting out the letters. (this may sound tedious, but this is actually relaxing for me. freaky.)   You could paint them or buy large sticker or vinyl letters too. 
  • I googled "auld lang syne" old sheet music, then printed 7 pages.
  • While I was at it I printed cool 'auld lang syne' designs and vintage new year's post cards too.
  • I googled 'black gingham" then printed 7 pages. (didn't have the actual stuff handy)
  • I pasted the letters to the printed sheets making a point NOT to have them centered.
  • I cut down the sheets then glued them to card board pieces ( i.e.- old box, cut up)
  • I cut the card boards into 4 and 1/2 inch squares.  Then I cut them smaller if I wanted too.
  • I distressed each piece with ink. (rubbed 'distress ink' on the edges and front lightly)
  • Here's where the glue and glitter comes in. I found the glitter I liked in the kids crafty section at Michael's, it's not super fine and has some bulk to it, which has a cool vintage-y effect, an unexpected bonus. 
  • One paper plate for tacky glue, one for glitter - then dip.  
  • Lay them out to dry.

  • I layed out a roll of burlap (Michael's $3.99, I had it from a previous project) then put down the letters.
  • I attached them with clothes pins. Purposely crooked.  I've had the clothespins waiting for a project for years.

{Sadly the fabulous bulb wreath has been packed away.} 
 But it's a new year, the banner is up and we're ready to toast.

I have a collection of enamelware coffee pots. Here's a few. 
I put them away for a bit, but I'm glad I hung on to them.
The wordy fireplace likes having them around.

So there's the banner. My first foray into glitter since I was 10. 
Messy, yes and I did it without my seven year old around. (mean mother).
I think it's a pretty darn fabulous use of an old box and a few odds and ends.


xo jeanne.

Fab Beginnings, thanks pals!

Jeanne, future BKB author, contemplating creativity:

I began this blog adventure a mere two months ago. Doesn't it seem longer? In that short time it's taken on a life of it's own. My cozy little bungalow and a few of my ideas {that you have been patient enough to take in} have flown from my fingertips to my camera to all around the world. It's truly amazing.

There have been a few poor souls searching for some other destination who have stumbled upon Bees Knees Bungalow.  Here are some google searches that have given me giggles. My apologies if they did not find what they were looking for.  Congratulations on their creativity for landing successfully.
  • is my tarm paper wordy  {poor dear, disappointed to find a tar paper fireplace and no help with the term paper!}
  • the tour of the three homes  {total high five for their persistence!}
  • baby its cold outside wreath painted  {love the idea, sorry it wasn't here}
  • you this on the tour of   {huh?}
  • thank-you you did a great job
  • 50's gas stove
  • fab kitchen
  • gorgeous bungalow kitchen
(for those last two I shamelessly grin)
And my favorite and eternal apologies to this person who I gave no help to whatsoever :
  • bees in the fireplace
There have been lots of bungalow searches, to these peeps I say welcome and thanks for stopping by. To all you very cool gals who stop by daily to see what's goin' on, thank you from the bottom of my creative heart.
There is more brewing.

 Speaking of ideas and sharing, here's a Tease Alert: My latest project is currently in the crafty stages on my kitchen table - a very cool Happy New Year banner- which I hope to post this evening. 

See you on the blog!

xo jeanne.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Tour: Bev's House!

Bev's house is very charming.
She has a knack for mixing new and old, chippy and rusty.  One of  her pleasures is finding something that can be shown in a whole new way.  In this house she raised 5 teenagers and lived to tell the tale.  She's kept her sense of style and her home was a fantastic addition to the tour.   Enjoy! :

She brought in these branches to add depth the the living room.
The old door, branches -the effect is totally cool.

This wreath is stunning. Handmade by Bev.
{To make your own, now is a great time to nab some bulbs at after Christmas sales.}

Love this table's centerpiece.
 Study and learn:

New Year's Entertaining? 
Find a creative way to serve the beer and wine.

in the bedroom:
Old birdcage on dresser
What a great place for perfume, jewelry, loose change, sanity pills.....

I dig the old gate on the wall and would also look fab with an initial hanging on it, yes?'
Bev makes the little birch chairs.

Happy last week of 2010 everyone!

xo jeanne.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Printable Christmas Tags

I've been hunting for printable christmas tags. On my search I've sound some good ones.
 I thought I'd share my finds with you and hopefully save you some time. Here's the links:

All good, none tacky.  Print on cardstock for easy cutting.
Thank you to these great sites for sharing these free printables.
Happy Wrapping!
xox Jeanne

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Gifty: Homemade Hot Cocoa Mix

  After seeing Sue's giant hot cocoa jar on her tour,
I knew it was a fab idea that I had to try.
What darling gifts this would make!  
 So I thought I'd try this:  Homemade Hot Cocoa Mix in cool jars.
 Here's what I did. 

1.  Found jars w/ metal lids (These I found at Ikea). 
2.  Homemade Hot Cocoa Mix.. recipe found online here.
3.  Shopped for the recipe supplies.
4.  Coffee scoops found at Walmart in the kitchen gadget isle.
5.  Made tags from vintage Christmas images found online. I googled 'vintage christmas card'
     Question:  Couldn't I have just bought premade hot cocoa mix and put in the the jars? 
 Absolutely. Totally fine.
I just wanted to try the homemade recipe. Plus I would have missed the fun of this:

The jars took 4 cups of mix, then I topped it off w/ mini marshmallows.
I tied hemp string around the neck, then added the tags and scoop.

Fun project, a neat gift, creative and easy.
You could go crazy and add some fun things, jingle bells, more ribbon, an ornament, burlap bow... limitless.
I would love to hear if you tried it!
Merry Merry!
xo Jeanne

(I just made a mug of the mix.. YUMMY! Totally happy with the results.)

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Tour: Lori's house - fab kitchen

More of Lori Miller's house. This is the kitchen and the awesome table grouping.
Notice the uppers and lowers are two different colors.
Notice the old barn wood is the surface for the built-ins by the SubZero.
Garden stutues to die for.

Lori Miller is the Grouping Guru.
If you're looking for a way to improve on  how 'things'
are arranged on your tables, counters and walls, look no further.
The house and more than you could shake a perfectly decorated stick at.

In the corner:
a fab little office space


The hand cracks me up...
it's waving goodbye to you until my next post.

Happy Christmas week everyone. Busy!
xo j.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Vintage Tablecloth Curtain, Please.

I have a collection of vintage tablecloths .  I can't help myself, they call my name. They are so colorful, artsy and I love their thick cotton texture. I use them for lots of different things throughout the year. Among the collection are a few holiday ones.  I bring them out and adorn our front window with one, using it as a swag or valance.
Here's this years winner:

I simply hung it over the existing rod, gathered up the center and loosely tied it with burlap.
($3.99 a roll at Michael's)
Then tucked the tie ends up. Those are the loops. Nothing fancy.
On the burlap I pinned on some of my vintage brooches. 
Rhinestone pins... a sweet weakness of mine. Every year I pin 'em someplace different on the 'curtain'.
I like to experiment.

Ooooh Shiny.

So homey and holidayish. Is that a word? Holidayish? 
Should be.

xoxo Jeanne.

More holiday and decor ideas here.
Scroll down till you get to the thumbnails, then go to town.

Tour: Lori's House (have a seat)

One word covers it: Awesome. And of course I have to throw out a: Fabulous.
In this case, we can pretty much say "Awesome Fabulousness." Okay, two words.  There's not much to add with words, the pictures say it all.  Thankfully I took pics because no way would I have remembered all the details and this is definitely going to be a two post'er. Be ready, its eye candy:

Um, this has just been the living room. 
There really are no words to explain the giddiness and joy
decorating co-captain Linda and me felt while touring this house. 
The other touree's must have thought we were nuts. 
 "Good Lord, Look at That, do you understand what I am seeing!" 
I'm laughing even now as I am typing this.

                  Hang tight for the rest of the house
           You'll need the smelling salt, so keep it handy.
Lori Miller owns The Round Barn Potting Co, here's the link to her shop.
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