Monday, November 29, 2010

Dishing In The Bedroom

Okay, keep it g-rated.  About a year ago we switched bedrooms with the kids.  I hadn't really put my best efforts into decorating the 'new room'. (oh, the shame...) Although right away we did paint the wood-lined walls. (Seriously - all pine, not paneling.)  So this past long weekend, I decided it was time to 'cute things up.'  I started by hanging dishes. I LOVE dishes on the wall.  Usually I've had them in the living room, but I've brought them upstairs.
Here is how to hang dishes and make them look great:   

1: Choose the dishes you want.  Do what you love.  I have a crazy collection of transfer ware.  This is only a tiny smathering.  For the bedroom wall, I started with these:

2. Spread out paper and tape it together to make a piece large enough to put your whole plate display on. (newspaper works just fine.)  Once your paper is taped together, place and arrange your dishes however you want them. Play!

3.  When you've got the arrangement you like, turn the plates over, and trace them.
This makes getting their exact shape easy for when you are putting the nails in the wall.

You'll have something like this:

4.  Now take your sheet, hang it up on the wall where you want your plates to go. 
 At this point I take each plate,  hold it up to where it goes.  With a marker or pencil, put a mark close to where the nail should go.
This is why I already have the plate holder on the plate - When making the nail mark on the paper,  I usually can't get the mark right where I want the nail to go because the plate hanger will be in the way.. so I make the dot right above the wire of the hanger and know the actual nail will go in about 1/8th to a 1/4th lower than the dot.  (this makes sense when you do it.) When you've marked where you're nails will go, you're ready to pound in the nails.  Do this right through the paper.

5.  When you've put in the nails, pull down the paper and hang your plates!

 Plate hangers can be found at any store.  But I always keep my eye out for them at garage sales and thrift stores and grab them when I see them.   There is no wrong way to display your plates. Just have fun and do what you love.

AND AS LONG AS I WAS MAKING THE PLACE MORE HOMEY - I put up some other things too.
This past fall I bought a really fab shelf at the Junk Bonanza show.  Totally darling and the price tag: $24.  It's been waiting to be put up for 2 months. I've been debating where to put it - the bedroom won.    

I filled it with my favorite books, and one on my list to read. The little lamp, shabby old upholstered chair and ottoman are from my mother's original dollhouse. ( My mom turns 82 this month!)  And I have an eye for little people and children on anything. I love my little bookend. 

Next, I have a serious weakness for old, chippy chalk ware saint statues. I see one at a garage sale and all I can imagine is that it sat on Aunt Milly's side table for 40 years, now it's for sale for a quarter.  I can't contain myself.  I've had them put away for a while, but took them out again to enjoy.  I think they're homey and have so much character.

When my seven year old saw me working on these pics, she said; "Wow! Whose bedroom is that?"
I said; "Daddy and Mama's, go see!" and she ran in to check it out. Fun! 
Before this weekend, it could have been a serious contender on "Hoarders."
The bedroom definitely needed a face lift and a good cleaning out. 
I am glad to have tackled it. Hope you like it too! 
Here are sites where other gal's are sharing decorating tips too:  Dittle Dattle, Coastal Charm 

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Quick Thanks.

To all BKB buddies, have a fantastic Thanksgiving weekend.  I hope you like the new header to the blog.
 Quite fun! Also, a hoot for me to figure it out.  Microsoft Picture It is now my friend.
 I feel like singing a bad country song:
 "It's 2am and I'm sittin' at my desktop 'puter...figured out my new header..hope it's better.....yada yada twang twang..."    
Thats me as a baby,  or imagine my 'morning hair' look, and that's basically a current picture.  (giggle)
The other pic is me attempting to appear thin and alluring.
The typewriter is mine and a pic I took for a current project.... post coming soon.

Surprise! I've brightened up the place. What do ya' think?
There's Madge over there -with her typewriter ready to take an email.  She was fun to make.  Also, by a techno miracle and with major help from the tutorials mentioned below,  I've made a bees knees bungalow button for fellow bloggers grab.
It's on the lower righthand side, just above 'bungalow buzz.'  

In the past few days  I've done some major tweaking to the blog. I really need to give some shouts of thanks to these 3 sites whose tutorials really helped.  Hopefully you may find them helpful to:
These are some pretty fabulous women to share their talents and tips AND make them understandable for
chicks like me.  Over the weekend my 'quick thanks' has grown!  But really- Thanks!

xoxo Jeanne.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Bachman's Holiday Idea House: Pt.4 - finale!

I feel like I'm beating the poor Bachman's house to death, but I assure you this is the finale.  
There are two bedrooms and a bathroom for you to tour.
Here is the hockey themed teen bedroom: What I love the most is the air hockey table hung on the wall then used as a white board.  Fab!!  How many of these have you seen at garage sales sitting dead, used and on the side of the driveway begging to be taken home?  Clearly, we should have grabbed them and hung them on our children's walls.  The old skates used as shelf supports.  Then the old locker baskets - this is huge and totally trendy to repurpose them.  The wall is lined with peg board.  And the hockey stick headboard, not to be outdone by the hockey stick chair.  If you are a hockey mom, may you be inspired:  

The next  room was an artist's room. Dreamy.  My dream job is to be at an art table surrounded by paint brushes
all day long.  This room gave me a glimpse of my creative happy place.  I love the paint cans hung with a paintbrush, filled with supplies at the ready.  I really love the old canvas bags hanging on the wall holding the art pads and canvases - totally cool.  The hat suitcase holding more supplies made me down right giddy.  

 I loved the canvas bags.
These would also be fab in a cowboy themed bedroom.
And the paintbrush as an extra detail, totally doable.

On the wall by the bed, the vintage child's crib railing hung on the wall (of course)- holding magazines.  Also, notice the old typing table used as a night stand. High School Flashback.  (I was more interested in the giant art table, then the bed - hence no pictures of it - who can sleep when there's creative things to be done?!)

  On one wall there were books and a cigar box made into shelves. They were hung with some sort of support. I snapped a pic of the supports, but co-captain Linda and me couldn't find them in the store. Drat!  The look of the books being the shelf is terrific and cool and the cigar box is completely fab and fun. Update! My awesome neice Kariane emialed me today and the shelf brackets can be found here.

There is an upstairs bathroom but unfortunately I didn't snap any pics of the full room.  Here are the things that grabbed my eye though:  The stacked suitcases (always fab), holding towels.  The cabinet door, hung up and hooks attached to hold  hand towels - "joy" written with small metal objects  - darling.  The funky old metal scoop turned TP holder.

Lastly, here are a few odds and ends. There was another bedroom.  I only snapped a few pics here.
The bedside table - or in this case an awesome urn/planter filled with oraments and fake pine greenery, then topped with glass - whammy, you have a table.  Next the old little oil cans made into darling vintage ornament displays.  Easy and quite charming.

And one more thing in the house.. the old snow shovels hung on the wall.
These are in the hallway as you head up the stairs.
An original and easy way to decorate a cabin wall or celebrate your love of snow shoveling.
I have no cabin, nor a love of shoveling snow. 
And I moved from Southern California to Minnesota why?
 Seriously...   Why.
  So there you have it.  I promise this was the final post of the  2010 Bachman's Holiday Idea House. 
Now, it's time to get back to my own house and dig in!
Ohhh the plans....

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Bachman's Holiday Ideas House: Pt 3 - the craft room.

Yay! It's here. I've really been wanting show you the upstairs.  One of the bedrooms has been converted into a really delightful craft/create room.  Some of my favorite things in this cozy room: 

The window valance made out of pattern paper. Love it;  The giant old metal desk, turned into an all-purpose craft table; The two ladders hung on the wall, with bunge cord strung across them- to clip anything onto;  The vintage childs game hung on the wall and turned into a ribbon holder - fab;  The old foldable measuring tapes, this is growing in popularity- to fold them into star shapes, I love them w/the NOEL in them for the Season;  The one wall w/ the adorable pouches.  Could it be more darling?  And of course, the completely cute and organized closet.  Why doesn't my storage space look this way?  The whole room is eye candy.
Here are tons of pics, take a gander. Enjoy:


Notice that the room is just painted a very light cream, except for the blue bump-out holding the wreath and pouches. The rest of the room is so darn delightful and colors just-so..that you don't even notice the walls are suttle.  Also, see the ribbon ball pin cushions placed in dessert cups.  Fab - a darling gift for a sewer friend.  Notice the shelves they are on - they're old drawer fronts.   Now,  if I could just get our hands on a fantastic old giant bin to hold the old fabric scraps...... Oh, in the closet.. the pants hangers holding the gift bags - love that idea.   And the silver Christmas tree to festive it up.
Thank you Ki, from Junk Camp
If only this was where I was wrapping my Christmas gifts this year. I can smell my hot chocolate waiting for me on the desk and hear Dean Martin crooning in the backround.....

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Square Wreath Happiness

The upstairs of the Bachman's Idea House will come next, promise.  But, I wanted to take a break from it and get back to my house for a bit.  There is an addition to my kitchen window.  It's been needing a little something, but a coffee been shade didn't feel quite right -  and I didn't want the kitchen to turn into a coffee house completely. 
(Not that I don't love a good cup of coffee while staring at the fab new burlap shades at home, but some evenings after working full-time + kids + life,  this mom has to get out and buy herself a mocha for sanity reasons, can I get an Amen!?)
So shadeless, I've been stewing on what to do with the window above the sink. 

             Poor sad, lonely window:

       Meanwhile, while meandering in the Idea House with my decorating co-captain Linda, we spied these: 
A few fabulous square boxwood wreaths displayed a couple of different ways:

It's impossible to come away from a walk through the fabulously decorated house,
then a trip next door to the actual store full of equally fabulous things and come out empty handed. 
Very cool square wreath-hmmmm.  Empty kitchen window--hmmm.
Clearly, one these wreathes was calling my name and my kitchen sink window was begging to have it. 
The price tag,  $29.  

The wreath loves it's new home.  I strung a black ribbon w/ white ticking-matching the diamonds-  thru the back and hung it with a cup hook screwed into the window casing.  Lily the Cat,  approves.  Care of the boxwood wreath: It's actually alive, somewhere between a wreath and a topiary.  It will eventually dry out like dried flowers would.  Until then, to enjoy it a bit, the clerks at the store said to spray it with water (spray bottle) or to even submerge it in water. I thought the submerge tactic would be a bit much, but since having it home, it seems  like a good idea as it's pretty cold and dry it my kitchen.
A great alternative to a curtain!

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