Friday, December 17, 2010

Vintage Tablecloth Curtain, Please.

I have a collection of vintage tablecloths .  I can't help myself, they call my name. They are so colorful, artsy and I love their thick cotton texture. I use them for lots of different things throughout the year. Among the collection are a few holiday ones.  I bring them out and adorn our front window with one, using it as a swag or valance.
Here's this years winner:

I simply hung it over the existing rod, gathered up the center and loosely tied it with burlap.
($3.99 a roll at Michael's)
Then tucked the tie ends up. Those are the loops. Nothing fancy.
On the burlap I pinned on some of my vintage brooches. 
Rhinestone pins... a sweet weakness of mine. Every year I pin 'em someplace different on the 'curtain'.
I like to experiment.

Ooooh Shiny.

So homey and holidayish. Is that a word? Holidayish? 
Should be.

xoxo Jeanne.

More holiday and decor ideas here.
Scroll down till you get to the thumbnails, then go to town.


  1. Sorry Gals, I had to delete some comments. My site was hacked.


  2. What a nice idea! Happy Holidays from your latest frient and follower. Drop by when you can. I love new frienda and followerssss too!

  3. Friends and followers (I woke up to early).

  4. Good Lord! 4:15 on a Sunday...LOL, yes too early!
    Thanks for stopping by Honey, I'll be sure to hop over to 2805!

    xo J.

  5. How unique...I love all of the added touches.

    Take care,

  6. Love it Lacqui!

    Excellent way to use those vintage tablecloths.


  7. Love this idea, searching high and low now for these beautiful tablecloths instead of the plastic ones. Has anyone got any ideas where I can get them cheaply as I wish to dress all my windows with these now.


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