Friday, December 17, 2010

Tour: Lori's House (have a seat)

One word covers it: Awesome. And of course I have to throw out a: Fabulous.
In this case, we can pretty much say "Awesome Fabulousness." Okay, two words.  There's not much to add with words, the pictures say it all.  Thankfully I took pics because no way would I have remembered all the details and this is definitely going to be a two post'er. Be ready, its eye candy:

Um, this has just been the living room. 
There really are no words to explain the giddiness and joy
decorating co-captain Linda and me felt while touring this house. 
The other touree's must have thought we were nuts. 
 "Good Lord, Look at That, do you understand what I am seeing!" 
I'm laughing even now as I am typing this.

                  Hang tight for the rest of the house
           You'll need the smelling salt, so keep it handy.
Lori Miller owns The Round Barn Potting Co, here's the link to her shop.

1 comment:

  1. jeanne you crack me up!

    thanks so much for the love... i'm going to have to get busy keeping up with you on these posts.

    your pictures are marvelous darling! see you soon.


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