Thursday, November 18, 2010

Square Wreath Happiness

The upstairs of the Bachman's Idea House will come next, promise.  But, I wanted to take a break from it and get back to my house for a bit.  There is an addition to my kitchen window.  It's been needing a little something, but a coffee been shade didn't feel quite right -  and I didn't want the kitchen to turn into a coffee house completely. 
(Not that I don't love a good cup of coffee while staring at the fab new burlap shades at home, but some evenings after working full-time + kids + life,  this mom has to get out and buy herself a mocha for sanity reasons, can I get an Amen!?)
So shadeless, I've been stewing on what to do with the window above the sink. 

             Poor sad, lonely window:

       Meanwhile, while meandering in the Idea House with my decorating co-captain Linda, we spied these: 
A few fabulous square boxwood wreaths displayed a couple of different ways:

It's impossible to come away from a walk through the fabulously decorated house,
then a trip next door to the actual store full of equally fabulous things and come out empty handed. 
Very cool square wreath-hmmmm.  Empty kitchen window--hmmm.
Clearly, one these wreathes was calling my name and my kitchen sink window was begging to have it. 
The price tag,  $29.  

The wreath loves it's new home.  I strung a black ribbon w/ white ticking-matching the diamonds-  thru the back and hung it with a cup hook screwed into the window casing.  Lily the Cat,  approves.  Care of the boxwood wreath: It's actually alive, somewhere between a wreath and a topiary.  It will eventually dry out like dried flowers would.  Until then, to enjoy it a bit, the clerks at the store said to spray it with water (spray bottle) or to even submerge it in water. I thought the submerge tactic would be a bit much, but since having it home, it seems  like a good idea as it's pretty cold and dry it my kitchen.
A great alternative to a curtain!


  1. Hi Jeanne - great blog. You have some wonderful ideas and I love these wreaths. Nice to have found you through Cozy Little House. Deb =^..^=x5 Ottawa

  2. Love the wreath! It looks wonderful hanging at your window. Great to find your blog while visiting Cozy Little House.


  3. Thank you Donna! Welcome! xo Jeanne.


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