Thursday, November 25, 2010

Quick Thanks.

To all BKB buddies, have a fantastic Thanksgiving weekend.  I hope you like the new header to the blog.
 Quite fun! Also, a hoot for me to figure it out.  Microsoft Picture It is now my friend.
 I feel like singing a bad country song:
 "It's 2am and I'm sittin' at my desktop 'puter...figured out my new header..hope it's better.....yada yada twang twang..."    
Thats me as a baby,  or imagine my 'morning hair' look, and that's basically a current picture.  (giggle)
The other pic is me attempting to appear thin and alluring.
The typewriter is mine and a pic I took for a current project.... post coming soon.

Surprise! I've brightened up the place. What do ya' think?
There's Madge over there -with her typewriter ready to take an email.  She was fun to make.  Also, by a techno miracle and with major help from the tutorials mentioned below,  I've made a bees knees bungalow button for fellow bloggers grab.
It's on the lower righthand side, just above 'bungalow buzz.'  

In the past few days  I've done some major tweaking to the blog. I really need to give some shouts of thanks to these 3 sites whose tutorials really helped.  Hopefully you may find them helpful to:
These are some pretty fabulous women to share their talents and tips AND make them understandable for
chicks like me.  Over the weekend my 'quick thanks' has grown!  But really- Thanks!

xoxo Jeanne.

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  1. Love that you used the typewriter pic in your new banner!



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