Sunday, November 7, 2010

My Kitchen.

This weekend I made the shades and painted the walls biege.  (see shades post below)  Not too big of a painting job, since the walls are mostly cabinets. Plus the subway tile and backsplash goes high up the wall. 

The stove is a 1950's Tappan.
We got it free on  It was a major find. It is a fully working gas stove. White enamel, no chips. The countertops are formica. Only the kitchen table is granite. We installed the wood floor - 1 inch solid Maple.  (one of the hardest jobs we've done in the house)  I will post the before pics - so you can truly appreciate the transformaion. But for now- here is the finished product.  For how I did the diamonds, click here and here. The kitchen is 13 x 17.

                     I painted over the optical illusion-ish wall.                                  (Dishwasher wood panel to be installed.)


Mike guarding the island

This has been a major accomplishment.
All I can say is Yay! and Whew!  And please Children, keep it clean.


  1. You go girl! You put me and my house to shame with all your fancy decoratin'!! Any time to put a little magic into my humble boring abode?

  2. Jeanne, this looks fantastic! I'm glad you chose to do just one wall with the diamond & circle probably would make you crazy if it was all over. I can't wait to see it!

  3. Happy birthday lady and I must say the kitchen is a beauty!
    I love the outside too!

  4. Your house is gorgeous! I'm so impressed with the job you've done. You are completely inspiring me!!

  5. Your kitchen is gorgeous and that stove is wonderful. Can't believe what a deal you got on it. Is that green cabinet beside the fridge built in or a separate piece?

  6. Hi Pam,

    It's a built in. Husband is a custom cabinet maker...which makes most of this possible!
    I design a piece, he will make it.

    xo J.

  7. Looks really good, Jeanne! We have just finished renovating the bathroom in our tiny Beach Bungalow and are starting work on our kitchen. Love what you've done with yours!

    Stop by for a visit some time soon!


  8. Wow! Love your stove ! Cant believe
    it was free ! You have a lovely kitchen ! Thanks for sharing !


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