Monday, November 29, 2010

Dishing In The Bedroom

Okay, keep it g-rated.  About a year ago we switched bedrooms with the kids.  I hadn't really put my best efforts into decorating the 'new room'. (oh, the shame...) Although right away we did paint the wood-lined walls. (Seriously - all pine, not paneling.)  So this past long weekend, I decided it was time to 'cute things up.'  I started by hanging dishes. I LOVE dishes on the wall.  Usually I've had them in the living room, but I've brought them upstairs.
Here is how to hang dishes and make them look great:   

1: Choose the dishes you want.  Do what you love.  I have a crazy collection of transfer ware.  This is only a tiny smathering.  For the bedroom wall, I started with these:

2. Spread out paper and tape it together to make a piece large enough to put your whole plate display on. (newspaper works just fine.)  Once your paper is taped together, place and arrange your dishes however you want them. Play!

3.  When you've got the arrangement you like, turn the plates over, and trace them.
This makes getting their exact shape easy for when you are putting the nails in the wall.

You'll have something like this:

4.  Now take your sheet, hang it up on the wall where you want your plates to go. 
 At this point I take each plate,  hold it up to where it goes.  With a marker or pencil, put a mark close to where the nail should go.
This is why I already have the plate holder on the plate - When making the nail mark on the paper,  I usually can't get the mark right where I want the nail to go because the plate hanger will be in the way.. so I make the dot right above the wire of the hanger and know the actual nail will go in about 1/8th to a 1/4th lower than the dot.  (this makes sense when you do it.) When you've marked where you're nails will go, you're ready to pound in the nails.  Do this right through the paper.

5.  When you've put in the nails, pull down the paper and hang your plates!

 Plate hangers can be found at any store.  But I always keep my eye out for them at garage sales and thrift stores and grab them when I see them.   There is no wrong way to display your plates. Just have fun and do what you love.

AND AS LONG AS I WAS MAKING THE PLACE MORE HOMEY - I put up some other things too.
This past fall I bought a really fab shelf at the Junk Bonanza show.  Totally darling and the price tag: $24.  It's been waiting to be put up for 2 months. I've been debating where to put it - the bedroom won.    

I filled it with my favorite books, and one on my list to read. The little lamp, shabby old upholstered chair and ottoman are from my mother's original dollhouse. ( My mom turns 82 this month!)  And I have an eye for little people and children on anything. I love my little bookend. 

Next, I have a serious weakness for old, chippy chalk ware saint statues. I see one at a garage sale and all I can imagine is that it sat on Aunt Milly's side table for 40 years, now it's for sale for a quarter.  I can't contain myself.  I've had them put away for a while, but took them out again to enjoy.  I think they're homey and have so much character.

When my seven year old saw me working on these pics, she said; "Wow! Whose bedroom is that?"
I said; "Daddy and Mama's, go see!" and she ran in to check it out. Fun! 
Before this weekend, it could have been a serious contender on "Hoarders."
The bedroom definitely needed a face lift and a good cleaning out. 
I am glad to have tackled it. Hope you like it too! 
Here are sites where other gal's are sharing decorating tips too:  Dittle Dattle, Coastal Charm 


  1. Love your plates and how you hung them. I'll have to keep my eyes open for some plate hangers.

  2. Lovely display! You did a great job arranging all those plates. It looks perfect! Thank you for linking up to the first ever "Amaze Me Monday" blog party.

  3. Love your daughters comment, how cute! I collect blue and white and LOVE the big platter you've got, but want one in blue! Nice things!

  4. Thank you all for stopping by to take a look and for your kind comments. My decorating co-captain Linda nabbed the big platter for me at a garage sale for $8! gotta love that.

    xo jeanne.

  5. Love that bedspread. Is it thrift store or who sells that style? It's so,,,,,colonial? Is that what you'd call it? love it. The whole room looks great. What color paint is that on the walls?

  6. Hi, I'm visiting from Nifty Thrifty Tuesdays.
    Thanks for the tips on how to hang plates. Your bedroom looks great. I love the little bookend, too.

  7. Anonymous, The bedspread is chenielle. I grab them where I see them. Being white, I have a few on hand for when one is in the wash. I will find the paint color...clayish.
    and Hi Betty, thanks for dropping by!
    xo Jeanne.

  8. That's a good idea for getting them on the wall EXACTLY like you want without having to create lots of unwanted nail holes!!

  9. Hello Jeanne....!

    I LOVE how you've made a feature of your plates....I wish I had MORE crusty white ironstone pieces & I would give this a go myself.... :o) !!

    THANK YOU for stopping by to help celebrate my 100th post....Your entries have been placed in the tub & I'm wishing you the best of luck....!

    Hope you're having a FANTASTIC weekend....!

    Cheers for now,
    Tamarah :o)

  10. Love the way you put your plates up, very well organised and executed, I would have been trying to put one up at a time standing back and trying to decide where to put each one.

  11. Hello, I just surfed on in via a "pantry search" on Google, & started looking around. This post caught my eye because of the dishes, & then I noticed we have the same bedspread. Love your blog, you have a new follower now. :)


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