Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Bachman's Holiday Idea House: Pt.4 - finale!

I feel like I'm beating the poor Bachman's house to death, but I assure you this is the finale.  
There are two bedrooms and a bathroom for you to tour.
Here is the hockey themed teen bedroom: What I love the most is the air hockey table hung on the wall then used as a white board.  Fab!!  How many of these have you seen at garage sales sitting dead, used and on the side of the driveway begging to be taken home?  Clearly, we should have grabbed them and hung them on our children's walls.  The old skates used as shelf supports.  Then the old locker baskets - this is huge and totally trendy to repurpose them.  The wall is lined with peg board.  And the hockey stick headboard, not to be outdone by the hockey stick chair.  If you are a hockey mom, may you be inspired:  

The next  room was an artist's room. Dreamy.  My dream job is to be at an art table surrounded by paint brushes
all day long.  This room gave me a glimpse of my creative happy place.  I love the paint cans hung with a paintbrush, filled with supplies at the ready.  I really love the old canvas bags hanging on the wall holding the art pads and canvases - totally cool.  The hat suitcase holding more supplies made me down right giddy.  

 I loved the canvas bags.
These would also be fab in a cowboy themed bedroom.
And the paintbrush as an extra detail, totally doable.

On the wall by the bed, the vintage child's crib railing hung on the wall (of course)- holding magazines.  Also, notice the old typing table used as a night stand. High School Flashback.  (I was more interested in the giant art table, then the bed - hence no pictures of it - who can sleep when there's creative things to be done?!)

  On one wall there were books and a cigar box made into shelves. They were hung with some sort of support. I snapped a pic of the supports, but co-captain Linda and me couldn't find them in the store. Drat!  The look of the books being the shelf is terrific and cool and the cigar box is completely fab and fun. Update! My awesome neice Kariane emialed me today and the shelf brackets can be found here.

There is an upstairs bathroom but unfortunately I didn't snap any pics of the full room.  Here are the things that grabbed my eye though:  The stacked suitcases (always fab), holding towels.  The cabinet door, hung up and hooks attached to hold  hand towels - "joy" written with small metal objects  - darling.  The funky old metal scoop turned TP holder.

Lastly, here are a few odds and ends. There was another bedroom.  I only snapped a few pics here.
The bedside table - or in this case an awesome urn/planter filled with oraments and fake pine greenery, then topped with glass - whammy, you have a table.  Next the old little oil cans made into darling vintage ornament displays.  Easy and quite charming.

And one more thing in the house.. the old snow shovels hung on the wall.
These are in the hallway as you head up the stairs.
An original and easy way to decorate a cabin wall or celebrate your love of snow shoveling.
I have no cabin, nor a love of shoveling snow. 
And I moved from Southern California to Minnesota why?
 Seriously...   Why.
  So there you have it.  I promise this was the final post of the  2010 Bachman's Holiday Idea House. 
Now, it's time to get back to my own house and dig in!
Ohhh the plans....


  1. Another great feature!

  2. Maybe we could find those shelf support thingies at our local Bachmans.

    I was able to find the hooks there last time.


  3. Hi -
    I am interested in making the hockey stick headboard for my son. He has a queen-sized bed, so I am wondering how many sticks I need. Also, how were the sticks secured to each other and then the wall?


  4. I just LOVE looking at ideas like these! When are the 2012 home tours?

  5. I am also wondering how you built the headboard. I want to make this room for my son for christmas. Thank you


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