Monday, November 15, 2010

Bachman's Holiday Ideas House: Pt. I

Bachman's Holiday Idea House is located in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
 (Yes, that's real snow.  On 11/13 we got 8 inches.  Hello Winter!)
The house is solely used for display. It's been decorated by  Ki Nassauer of Junk Camp.  This woman's style absolutely inspires me.  She takes the most ordinary objects and makes them fabulous.  Here's the first batch of pics:  

Rolls of string as house numbers.

tea oranaments

apples on skewers put into a styrofoam form

Notice the teapot as an ice bucket
For holiday decorataing, it seemed to be alot about using cranberries. In dishes, surrounding candles, bases of arrangements - a super easy and totally colorful punch of color.  The apple trees above would be a fabulous centerpeice and easy to put together.

The kitchen is absolutely adorable.  Packed with charm.  The light fixture is made out of cookie cutters.   The wall above the stove is lined with antique windows. They were back-lit which was a neat effect.  The kitchen window has holiday hand embroidered towels as curtains - hung by clothepins and held back w/ a cookie cutter.  Sigh - all completely charming. 
have any old cookie cuttters?

mini poinsettia's in vintage coffee cups

Now if I only had  six
vintage windows laying around the house....
star topiaries are really charm filled and the spindles on the wall - fab.
I am a sucker for hand embroidered towels. Tip: they make unique and darling 'Teacher gifts'. 
Pair it some lotion or a candle and you're set. 

Fabulous Christmas count-down calendar.

Part II will be the living room and upstairs.
More good stuff to come.... (tease alert!)


  1. Popped over from Cozy Little House's welcome wagon. I see so many things in that house that I want. The cookie cutter chandelier is awesome. And the house numbers in string is fantastic. Thanks for sharing!

  2. When I was in the house, I asked how much Ki was involved. They told me she is a consultant for Bachman's and some of the ideas came from her but most come from the team at Bachman's. The Bachman's team installs the entire house. The best news is that they are doing four more houses in 2011. I can't wait to be inspired by their creativity.

  3. Yes, 2011 will be fun to see. The Fall house was really extraordinary.


  4. I was so sad that I couldn't be there this weekend. Blizzard got in the way. So glad for these pics and also that there will be more decorating!

  5. Aw. Sorry Jane! Glad you could at least see the pics. xoxo Jeanne.


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