Sunday, November 21, 2010

Bachman's Holiday Ideas House: Pt 3 - the craft room.

Yay! It's here. I've really been wanting show you the upstairs.  One of the bedrooms has been converted into a really delightful craft/create room.  Some of my favorite things in this cozy room: 

The window valance made out of pattern paper. Love it;  The giant old metal desk, turned into an all-purpose craft table; The two ladders hung on the wall, with bunge cord strung across them- to clip anything onto;  The vintage childs game hung on the wall and turned into a ribbon holder - fab;  The old foldable measuring tapes, this is growing in popularity- to fold them into star shapes, I love them w/the NOEL in them for the Season;  The one wall w/ the adorable pouches.  Could it be more darling?  And of course, the completely cute and organized closet.  Why doesn't my storage space look this way?  The whole room is eye candy.
Here are tons of pics, take a gander. Enjoy:


Notice that the room is just painted a very light cream, except for the blue bump-out holding the wreath and pouches. The rest of the room is so darn delightful and colors just-so..that you don't even notice the walls are suttle.  Also, see the ribbon ball pin cushions placed in dessert cups.  Fab - a darling gift for a sewer friend.  Notice the shelves they are on - they're old drawer fronts.   Now,  if I could just get our hands on a fantastic old giant bin to hold the old fabric scraps...... Oh, in the closet.. the pants hangers holding the gift bags - love that idea.   And the silver Christmas tree to festive it up.
Thank you Ki, from Junk Camp
If only this was where I was wrapping my Christmas gifts this year. I can smell my hot chocolate waiting for me on the desk and hear Dean Martin crooning in the backround.....

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  1. I would love to have a studio that pretty I would want to create all the time


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