Friday, October 29, 2010

I Am From

True,  I've done my best to decorate and add delightful touches where ever I can.  But, I've learned that what makes our house cozy and homey isn't the paint or the details.  It's the people inside.
In our house,  there lives a boy named Nick who wrote this poem just a few weeks ago.  He's 11.  His grandpa was an MP in WWII, surviving Normandy and Iwo Jima.  It's wonderful things like you are about to read that make our house a home: 

I am from

I am from fossils
From computers and Yugioh cards
From the fun house of my home
Drama and Laughs
I am from the rain clouds
                     And the rock at the bus stop.
The big oak over the garden
                     Whose long limbs I remember.

From Great Wolf summers and lots of humor
From cousins, aunts and uncles
I'm from parties and family movies
I am from old and young annoying siblings.

I'm from war doctor and Vikings
                     And you are my sunshine.
I'm from Thanksgiving at grandma's.
I'm from cities and fiords.
Rice pudding and coleslaw
From doctor at the warzone
Surgeon in battle.
Grandpa's medals
                   In his office in grandma's basement.
Memories of hiding Easter eggs for him to find.

I had to buy stock in Kleenex after I read this. 
I, his mother, was a weeping pile of goo - bursting with humility and pride.


  1. The young one is clearly strong in the force. Send him to me when he is ready for his training to begin.

  2. I am a stranger from the blogging world, who is in love with this little man.
    I am linking up at the WhistleStop Cafe so I will be able to find you again... we can sit at the kitchen counter and visit.

  3. Thank you Sandi! and welcome.
    That little man is pretty cool, gotta agree.

    Whistle stop by anytime...:)


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