Saturday, October 23, 2010

Beauty Avenue - Updated

Don't let the quaint house photo fool you.  To the untrained eye this quaint home looks cozy and well kept.  Only those who dare to enter will find the reality.  That reality is home to 2 adults, 4 kids, a cat, a dog named Mike, a hermit crab who has surpassed all life expectancy odds and a few dust balls.  Then there's the few completely awesome home improvement projects that are aways in the 'almost finished, but not quite' category.  They know who they are.   Add in the laundry, dishes, anything and everything that belongs to the 6 people who live here, and voila!, you really do have this quaint, cozy home.   

Please note this quaintness did not happen overnight.  It's taken 10 years.  The children did not come all at once.  The wrap around porch, we added ourselves.  The garden, I grew.  The whicker was found at garage sales.  My darling friends helped to cultivate and seek out all the vintage finds that live here.  Inside, it truly is warm and cozy.  (When the said laundry is done and the sink is clear - this helps.)   The couches are not white as in a decorating magazine.  (How does a sane person have a white couch?)  Sadly, The Pottery Barn doesn't agree with my budget.  However, I assure you my creativity is limitless, my thriftyness is very resourceful and it's taken this 60 yr old home a long way.  I hope to share stories, ideas, fabulous finds and show you the details. 

Beauty Avenue was the original name of our street.  Some dude long ago thought it would be wise to change our residential streets from darling names to horrid numbers.  (Heavy Sigh.)   When we discovered this, we immediately adopted back her old name in spirit.  So we refer to her as "Beauty Ave". 
This bungalow really is the bees knees.  Here's a sneak peak at the inside:

There was a doorway here concealing the stairway. This past year we were able to tear down a small wall to expose and make a darling stairway.   I'll explain later as to how we are able to do things like add porches and make darling stairways. (Tidbit: Paul is a master cabinet maker, wood worker extraordinaire)

When we were house hunting we knew we wanted something older and with character.   I found this house online.  Somehow, when it was listed in the MLS, it had no address or street number.  I found it anyway.  For 50 years, it was owned by one family.  The walls were white, with the exception of the master bedroom.  It had orange foil wallpaper with  gigantic black felt butterflies.  The kitchen had wood grain carpeting..yes carpeting.   The appliances were green and the kitchen counters were orange.  There had been no garden.  The whole outside was chocolate brown stucco. But it's bones were good.  The kitchen is huge (pics to come).  I knew Paul could do anything with it.   The potential of the house was good.   The yard is huge. We made an offer without Paul even seeing it.   Yes, crazy.  That was 10 years ago.  
I really want to show you all we've done.   It's had many evolutions as we've found our style and needed to maintain it w/ the kids.    More to come!  


  1. What a great exercise in creativity! I've often thought of doing a blog... too many other demands in the way... maybe someday :/ For now, I'll just enjoy yours! Love you to the moon :)

  2. Love this so far! You go girl! Can't wait to read/see more! Miss you and your creative little self!!!

  3. I love this and all of your fabulous creativity! I have been in this "beauty" street house and have seen some of the transformations. Watching your ideas develope, are as fascinating as the final product! This is a perfect avenue of expression for you, and I'm so excited to read more!

  4. Well I began my journey thru your blog and after 3 hours and a pot of coffee it came to an end I sure did enjoy it thank u for all the wonderful inspiration and sharing it can not wait to see what you come up with next


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