Saturday, October 23, 2010

Coming soon to a necklace near you.

I was in JoAnne Fabric yesterday and got to chatting with another gal who makes jewelry.  She said she'd just picked up some bobbles at a 1/2 off table at a local mall craft fair.  She showed me some of her finds.  Relieved that her style was not like mine, (therefore not missing out on any of the deals) I tucked the info in my mind and headed home.  Meanwhile.... Saturday rolled around and I was eventually off to the aforementioned mall.  The 'craft fair'  turned out to be the most awesome antique show ever.   Easily 60% of the tables were chalked full of fabulous vintage rhinestones.  Mary Kate and I were in repurposed jewelry possibility nirvana.  We ooh'd and ahh'd enough to border on ridiculous.

Now for the deals.  I had a handful of stuff picked out from one vendor, intending to ask her to cut a deal.  But she was only my first stop so I left my finds in safe keeping with her and went on to peruse the other dealers.  We found one guy who had literally piles of necklaces entwined, but the deal was good enough to pick through: 12 pieces for $10.  Sold.

Finding vintage keys at another table,  I was a happy girl.  We went back to the original gal holding my rhinestone pile.  (one of the matching vintage shoe clips had a price tag of $10. )  I expected her to give a ridiculously expensive price and I was prepared to speak   'haggle-ese'.  But when she said: "Oh, how about $8 for everything?" 
 I about dropped dead, but acted cool as I whipped out the cash.   I happy danced all the way to the car.  Here's a pic of some of the loot. 

I can't wait get my paws on them and work the magic.

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  1. I love taking old vintage finds and making jewelry great find


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