Sunday, October 31, 2010

Black Diamonds Done - ' before' pic added!

When we bought the house, this was the kitchen eating area. Woodgrain carpet included. Thank God we had vision. 

Yes, it's the same kitchen.   It's taken 10 yrs. 
 But we found who she was meant to be.

I took Saturday and finished painting the diamonds.  I used a 1 inch sponge brush for 90% of it.  Then used a very small 1/4 inch slanted craft paint brush to cut in the very top by the ceiling moulding and the bottom by the wainscoting.  I used the round end of the sponge brush to make the dots. Once it was all dry, I went over it with regular wood stain,  keeping it uneven and worn looking to give the white a 'wallpapered' look.

Using only Paul's penciled in lines, I did it all freehand.  I think it turned out pretty well.  I did decide just to do the one wall, as you can see.   With the arched wall too, it was just too much.  We still need to paint the beige, but after the daimond painting.... doing a few walls solid will be a piece of cake!   How do you like it?  (click a picture to see it bigger for detail)

I took a verticle shot so you could see the ceiling.  When we first did the kitchen 5 years ago, we added antique tin.

We bought it from a farmer at an antique show for $250.   We stripped it, hung it, and repainted it.  (hours and hours of stripping, not my happiest memories...)  
 The story of the kitchen chandelier:  We were at Home Depot long before we had started the kitchen redo. They were having a major light sale, something like 75% off.  We weren't ready to do the kitchen but at the prices, we bought one deciding to store it until we were ready for it.  It was $275, we took it up the the register and it rang up for $25.  Sold!   I drilled holes and added the prisms.   I have to say, we've been pretty darn lucky with the chandeliers! 


  1. I just love your diamonds, I definately know how much time they take. I have done stripes, checkers, lattice and diamonds by hand in my home. I also know how beautiful it makes a home when you put so much effort into it. You kitchen is just beautiful. I am a new follower, I just have to see what else you do to your lovely home. Thanks for sharing your kitchen, I have been contemplating the black and white diamonds in the basement and from seeing your kitchen, you did it just right more than one wall may be too much. I am all excited because now I know what my next major painting project is going to be, now I just have to convince my husband to draw the lines. Have a great weekend.

  2. Glad you like the Alaina! My tip:
    when you are laying them out, make a test sheet on paper first. Also, make diamond long and thin, too square - they start looking like a diner. Have fun painting and welcome to BKB!
    xox Jeanne.

  3. (Glad you like the diamonds.. I shouldn't attempt to type before the coffee is digested.)

  4. Wow!!!! Holy Cow!
    This is GORGEOUS!!!
    I've been walking around the house trying to figure out where I can do this!

  5. LOL! Thanks Jen. Glad you appreciate them.
    You crack me up.
    xo J.

  6. I am really enjoying your blog. This room is terrific. How did you do the wainscott on the walls?

  7. Love your blog! You have many cute and clever ideas. I am your newest follewer.


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