Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Vacation. still happily rolling.

Yesterday my mom and I decided to adventure out on the local shuttle.
It was a trolley bus with no door and no windows. 
Imagine coming from Minnesota where it is still snowing and 28 degrees - 
To riding around in a cute trolley with huge wide open windows.  Crazy Fabulous.

We happened upon a Farmers Market. Dreamy.

The colors and fresh produce were delightful. 
The flowers were so gorgeous.  They were everywhere for $6 a bundle.
Sweet Peas, Roses, Peonies. So fantastic. 
It was so tough not to scoop them all up and take them home.

I've been wanting fish n' chips.  We found a cute restaurant and I got my wish.

Afterward, we were sitting on a bench and a dog wandered up to us. 
She sat down and completely expected to be loved and petted.
We obliged. If we stopped, she'd look around at us as if to say:
"Continue, please."
People walked by and asked if they could pet 'our dog.'
When she was through with us, she went to stand by a man who was giving out pamphlets.
She laid at his feet, belly up.  Right in the middle of the busy sidewalk.
He'd never seen her before.
Her owner was at an outdoor table at a nearby eatery.
When she was done with all of us, she rejoined him. 
Life is good for Roxxsea, the golden retriever.  

 Beach life. Pretty good.

xo jeanne

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Vacation. It's how I roll.

I've skipped town.  Hopped on a plane and landed at the beach.
I'm hugging my mom and enjoying my California family.

I've wrapped myself in a blanket to watch the eclipse.
I'm sleeping in on weekdays. 
I'm currently dunking my croissant in my coffee.
Life is good.

I am in Santa Barbara, California.  
I feel like I am hallucinating. I walk around in capri's and sandals.
My nose is sunburned. 
I'm pretty sure I'm in heaven. 

 I plan to enjoy it fully and completely for the next few days.
Mom and I may get dressed today, we may not.
Playing cards is the most strenuous activity we can imagine.
Room Service is our motto. We read The Enquirer.
We've given up brushing our hair.

Work? The Office? Reality? 
Far, far away.

xo jeanne.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Canvas, Riesling and Paying It Forward.

Last week I was invited to a night out of wine drinking and canvas painting by my good buddy Cheryl.  I'm no stranger to paint,  but I've never painted on canvas.  I had no idea what to expect. Cheryl didn't have to twist my arm too hard. Wine, paint, I'm in.

The Place: Canvas & Chardonnay in Rochester, MN. 

The Scene: Darling art studio meets novice painters. You walk in, check in and buy a bottle of wine. We were lead to our seats, canvas ready and waiting.  For me, it was like nirvana and I took it all in.  Painted canvases line the walls. Ball jars of water and buckets of paintbrushes.  I was home. 

The Set Up: Every one paints the same picture. You don’t have to be afraid that you can’t paint or aren’t artistic enough. That doesn’t exist in this place. The colors are pre-picked and there are instructions on ‘how many pumps of paint’ to pump onto your paper plate. Very controlled and easy.  You drink wine and wait for instruction.  Easy Peasy. After a long workday, we can all do that. 
Instructed by Joe, the fabulous artsy dude, we did one layer at a time.  We waited for it to dry, sipped and enjoyed the time of easy leisure.  Tipsy painty bliss.

All fine and dandy. 
But this is reason Cheryl and I were there in the first place:

Cheryl is Facebook friends to the woman who organized this event. The night was to remember her son Curtis, who was killed in Afghanistan – 4 years ago that day.
We were all to paint the American Flag. 
And we did. Happily. 

When I was done with my painting, I added the ‘Brave’ to the bottom corner.
I painted ‘Honor’ on Cheryl's. 

Then I had a thought.  
Wouldn’t it be nice to offer to paint 'Curtis' on his mom’s painting?

So I asked her. She was thrilled and I did. Then I painted his wife’s, then his sister’s, and his friend’s. Then Semper Fi on his dad’s. Then another and another. 

“Would you please add Pride to mine?”  “Will you add Hero to mine?” Me and my paintbrush. Of course, yes.  They would move from their seats, let me take their place and let me paint on their paintings.

It was easy and touching and personal and a sweet simple kindness I could extend to this darling family who has lost so much. Young and handsome Curtis - son, husband, brother, friend, soldier.   

A pay it forward moment that came out of nowhere.  
An opportunity to be completely myself. Darn Refreshing.

The family posed with their canvases. The Flag, Curtis. Semper Fi.  There became an air to the night that was totally unexpected and wholly appreciated.  The shop owner and the instructor were equally as taken by the buzz in the room.  Such an inspiring experience to be a part of.   

Doing good feels remarkable.
 I received much more that I gave.

Thank you to the talented folks at  Canvas & Chardonnay for a delightful evening!

xo jeanne.

Monday, March 31, 2014

Buffet - It's a Beauty!

This is a beautiful piece. 
It was love at first sight and full of potential.
With a beveled mirror to boot.
A bit of sanding, tightening some screws, a fresh coat of paint and it's as good as new.
A total charmer.

All the curves boast loads of personality. 
 There must be loads of history too.

Can you imagine all the family gatherings this buffet has seen?
The parties. All the china it must have dutifully stored in it's drawers?

I wonder who it belonged to originally.  

Nana Muriel?  Aunt Eleanor?
I imagine it given as a wedding gift a lifetime ago.

The Ball jars? 
Good story.

The very nice person I bought the buffet from said this:

nice buffet person: "Do you need canning jars? Do you can?
me: "Not really, only if they're blue."
nice buffet person: "Hmm, I think I have some."

He brought out and handed me sixHe would not take money for them. 
He donated them to the cause of fabulous aqua jar happiness and finding them good home.

So nice. Thank you!

Color: Miss Mustard Seed's Kitchen Scale.

This piece is for sale.
The Craigslist ad is here.

I had a bit of a fun weekend and am in recovery!
Besides finding and redoing this fab buffet, I played a bit. 
I am happily exhausted.
xo jeanne.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

a selfless shelfie

My 'new' shelf is so conceited that if it could grow arms and take a selfie of itself, 
It totally would.

I bought this shelf last summer at a garage sale for $6. 
It's been waiting its turn in the project line.
Last week, I painted the dresser Miss Mustard Seed's 'Kitchen Scale.'
Since I had the paint out, I did the shelf too.
The chippy charm is good.  I love the scallop.



My newly found plethora of vintage cameras?

Last week 3 of them were in an auction case at Goodwill.
 All week. Just sitting there, lonely.

I had seen them at the beginning of the week. 
I went back on Sunday to check on them.  
I dared myself to look at the auction book to see what the bids were up to.
No one had bid on them. 
 - Happiness - 
It was 3:38. Bids were closing at 4:00.
Minimum bid was $25. For the 3.

I. Could. Not. Resist.

I 'won' the bid.
I took them home and they happily posed with the conceited shelf.

Once again, pretty darn adorable for an apartment.

xo jeanne.

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