Friday, May 20, 2016

It just keeps raining rain boots!

What can I say? It was a week of rain boots.
And if I had a choice, they'd be aqua right?
Twice in the same week, it was a polka dot palooza. Pallooza?
 My friend Cheryl and I headed to our most fabulous 

 Canvas and Chardonnay. 

 What was the chosen theme that night?
Rain boots. Galoshes. Flowers.
Making the night’s painting my own, I added the aqua and dots, fluffed up the flowers just a bit and loved the quote. I just tweaked it a bit with my lettering.  A little of this, a little of that and boom – a darling painting.
I faked knowing what I was doing with the flowers. This is basically the third time ever that I’d attempted  them.  But I can wing it pretty good. The thought as I go is that no one is really ever going to see my painting anyway (Well, accept here…haha) so why not have fun and play a bit. A few dots here, a simple line becomes a stem there, a flower is born from an elongated heart, and suddenly there are flowers in boots.  
Again, Canvas and Chardonnay is our true happy place.This painting night was like all the other nights we have had, fun, relaxing and we took home a fab painting by our artiste’ selves.  Thank you to Lisa and the Gang.

 Paint on!
xo Jeanne.
( I have learned to warn those poor souls who sit by me NOT to be intimidated and to pay no attention to me – the crazy person with the paintbrush and glass of wine.)




Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Knock Knock, Who's there?

I really wanted something bright and Spring-y for my front door.  The leaves on trees had not yet begun to sprout and one more week of grey here in Minnesota was tough to take. Off to my local Goodwill I went.  I wanted some rubber boots, but not adult sized. (I’m smacking myself for a darling pair of my daughter’s that I put in a giveaway bag a few years ago… smack!)  I spotted this green pair and headed home.  I painted the polka dots on myself.  Craft paint, a paint brush. Easy.


I’m usually not a fan of faux flowers. I’ve already lived through that craze in the 1990’s. However, I caved for this mini project. Never say never. I picked up some metal tags and Michael’s and painted them black.  Then, painted on ‘hello.’  I strung up the tags w/ twine then simply tied them around one shoe. It’s not glued on or anything and can change it up if I want to.  I also put to holes in each boot to hold the twine that hangs them.
A super easy stress free and literally a one hour project.
Now Shut the Front Door! 
 Or, leave it open. It’s Spring, we need the fresh air!
xo jeanne.


Monday, January 18, 2016

The Little Stove is now a PlayBake Oven.

Would you like a cookie? A muffin?

Do you think you can help me find a little chef who would love this cutie?
Many delicious items can be on the menu. Imagination is the key.

I swear I smell a cherry pie baking right now, don't you?
A nice warm slice coming right up!

Remember this little gem? 
The free little stove that was out in the rain at the end of a driveway.
Well, that wouldn't do at all.  
Away with me she came, hopping right into the back of my little black Bug.
It took me a bit longer than I'd hoped to finish it up, but finish I did, finally.

I kept it's original handle, knobs, hardware and inside 'rack'.
I added the 'window' and 'PlayBake' logo. 
Also, I added the moulding around the bottom,
painted the inside black then speckled it with white paint to make it look like an old enamel stove.
Pretend you can see a cobbler baking right inside.
Can you hear the timer clicking away?

Here she is when I first brought her home:

Her original family had her knobs and offered to build and attach them to a new back.
(Thank you, you know who you are!)

The little stove come a long way and I hope you approve.

As you can see by the picture, that was last summer.

Now it is winter and very cold.
The high this weekend was -9 with windchills in the -20's.
It was a chance to get projects done, stay in yoga pants and drink hot cocoa.
I did all three diligently.
xo jeanne.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Red Wagon scored at the curb.

I happened upon this red wagon, free – curbside.
Really? Was this cute red wagon (with all the sides!) really free to take?
It had all the tell-tale signs of needing to come home with me. 
Spiderwebs. Dust. Chips. Rust.
I passed it once, then came back ‘round.  Still there.
To be sure, I went to the front door to ring the bell and ask.
All while noticing the planters leading up to the house as I walked up.  A good sign.
A dear lady answered the door. Yes, it was free.
She had used it in her garden, was downsizing and went on to share her life story.
She was a sweetie and my daughter and I didn’t mind lending an ear.

Once loaded and then home, I gave it a good sweeping and de-cobwebbing and stored in it in the garage for a week.  Then dusted it again and set off to buy Mums. 
On a quest for kale, I looked at a few stores before I found it.  Hard to find this year!
I finally did find and huge.  $5.99 each at a local nicer grocery store.
I’ve had the old enamelware chamber pot for a while, 
just waiting for kale and a pair of gloves.
I went the opposite of DIY and bought the burlap banner at Target for $3.  

It's pretty fun seeing this greet me each day, coffee in my hand.

My mind is percolating with ideas for Christmas…..

xo jeanne.

Monday, September 7, 2015

Why Fall when you can Stand Up?!

Oh my goodness. What a summer it was. 
Busy, hot and sticky here in Minnesota. 
Iced coffee has become a good friend.

There have been great garage sale and antique show finds.
I've kept them under wraps, but they're coming out of hiding.

I don't garage sale nearly as much as I used to. 
When I do head out, the finds have been fabulous.

I've been busy working, volunteering and making adventures with my kids. 
Finally inspired, I dusted off my weary heart and got creative this weekend.
Amen to a three day holiday!

I made this in my living room.
I find that I can't remind myself to be happy nearly enough.
And seriously, this little scene is pretty damn happy.
That's the goal. 

The aqua boots.  Goodwill, just thank you. I am not worthy.

Garage sale: The darling doll dress: $2.50. The chalkboard: $2.
The clock: $5 at an antique show this summer.

Metal letters: 60% off at Michael's. (love that app!)

You can always find your Happy
You can do it. Hopefully on sale. Even better.

The little doll clothes coat.
wool. little blue buttons. lined. 
I spotted it in a box of OLD doll clothes at a garage sale. 
It was at the end of the day. How does something so darling last all day?
It really was two dollars and fifty cents.
Love at first sight.

For a twist on autumn, I say to all my girlfriends out there:
Stay strong, no matter what your battle.

Why Fall when you can Stand Up?!
Try your best.
Read to the end of the book.
Your story is good.

xo jeanne.

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