Monday, July 21, 2014

Retro Happens.

I found this mid-century beauty last weekend in River Falls, WI.
One of those, it's been in our parent's bedroom forever 
and now we have no need for it stories….

It was a fantastic find at $20. 
twenty. dollars. really.
I thought about if for 2 seconds before I said "I'll take it!"
It was worth a trip back to get it.
It's low, long and heavy.

It said one thing to me: 
"TV cabinet."

The doors and drawer combo is a riot. 
They are now full of remote controls, cd's and video game components.
Sorry socks and hankies, you've been replaced.

It's good to have paint on my hands.
This piece is at the house for my kids to enjoy.

xo jeanne.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Stumbled upon some summer lovin'

Anxious to explore and have some fun,
 I headed to River Falls, Wisconsin. 

I had a need to enjoy the weekend, beautiful weather and find some garage sales.
The highlight was stumbling upon this darling sight:
                                             This nice gal and her adorableness is Elk Heart Design. 
You can see the transformation of this darling camper, her blog and her wares. 
All fabulous. Truly a girl's dream. She gets to live it.

In addition to a street fair, I came upon garage sales, a carnival and thrift stores.
It was a vintage trifecta.

Hang tight to see my finds.
There's some goodies.

xo jeanne.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Redneck Towing.

How to explain what I've been up to since the middle of may. Hmmmm.
The truth is that it is far too difficult to explain and much too personal to divulge.

Because of my unanticipated absence from the blogging world, I've been thinking about how to enter back into it relatively pain free. I'd like to re-involve myself into BKB, reclaim my laptop from my preteen and return to my creative self.  

I know enough to know that the mood would eventually hit. Inevitably something would strike out of the blue, I'd recognize it and my brain would exclaim a hefty; "That's it!"
As in the past, inspiration came. While not major, not wildly decorative, but still catching my attention and thankfully making me grin.
That was how it knew it was right. The laugh.

One night this week, after a day at work and the bus ride home from the Big City, I reached my car at the Park n' Ride. 
Click. Click. Click. No turn over. Dead.
Ahh come on!

I resorted to calling my ex-husband to assist. Later, under the cover of darkness we towed my poor dead car across the mall parking lot and across the street to the mercifully close repair shop. Picture an old truck with a thick strap pulling my car, me steering it while keeping one eye open for mall security to catch us.  We made it. Our teenagers were with us and utterly mortified. I bought them all ice cream in reward for their humiliation and my relief at not having to pay a tow service $80 to go a block. Trust me, I almost did.

Once home and back at B2, I was finally able to take off my work clothes, jewelry and bra. Heaven. Fantastic. Alleluia. Tribal.
A few minutes later I walked by where I'd hung my necklaces and was startled to see my black bra hanging there as well. It cracked me up.  
I giggled at my tiredness and haste to ditch the brassiere. So I snapped a pic.

Technically, you could say that it really is personal yet decorative at the same time.
After all, aren't they both fabulous? Victoria Secret and jewels. What could be better?

(That being said I am a firm believer that unless you are nursing a baby or you have a fantastic date, bras should be banned after 6pm.)

Thus begins my re-entry into Bees Knees Bungalow.
Thank you for your kind words and emails asking where I have been.
I am right here. :)

xo jeanne. 

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

dear free, i love you.

A fun thing happened this morning. 

After dropping off one kid at school and on the way to drop off the other, 
I spotted this:

Fun as in Free. 
Fun as in Curbside Happiness.

I can't say that I am 100% clear on my actions upon seeing this at the edge the curb, 
but I think I may have left tread marks as my tires screeched to a halt.

It had no 'free sign' on it, but I know my free stuff.  
My high schooler was mortified that I was calculating if it would fit in my car. 
 Without the free sign, he was sure I'd be stealing it.
Jail time?  I'd risk it.

Actually because I was on my way to school and work I didn't have time to load it.
I used the 'phone a friend' option, who saved the day and quickly picked it up.
Fun as in Fabulous Friends.

As he was loading it, the homeowner came out. (yes, it was indeed free.)
She said the buggy had been her grandmother's in the 1920's.
That her father had recently died and the family is cleaning out and giving away.

It's petite. 
The handle is too short for an adult to comfortably push. 
But also, it's too big to be a toy.
Or, maybe it's a really well made toy. 
Which could be true for the 1920's. 
It's super sturdy.

Can you imagine all the dolls it must have held?
All the hours of play and imagination?

The fabulous red carriage house in the background is at Q is for Quandie's.
It comes in handy as a prop when you've found a sweet buggy with red piping.

And, don't think for a minute that the irony is lost on me.
Yesterday I joked about the garage sale pregnancy test.
Today I find a fantastic baby buggy. 

I've got plans. 
Big plans for this baby.
xo jeanne.

Monday, May 12, 2014

The Blaine 150.

Linda and I hit the Blaine citywide sales last weekend.
We walked and we walked. Then we walked some more.

That's because there were over 150 garage sales. 
One Hundred and Fifty.
{the haul:}

The Dress Form.
Yes, it was the find of the day and quite possibly the find of the season.
It's was 'one of those' super fantastic finds spotted smack dab on a driveway. 

We kept our cool. Fab dress form?  No biggie.
We employed our cunning unparalleled negotiation skills. 
We won.
Seriously, we were good, even for us.
We contained our joy and high-fived our fabulous selves 3 houses down the block.

This level of garage sale success comes with a price.
There's the walking, the picking through, the seeing things that cannot be unseen.
This was one of those days.
There were so many sales, there were food trucks and porta-potties.
True story. Crazy.

How confident would you be in the pregnancy test you bought at a garage sale?

Most of all, we had fun. 
Also, neither of us are pregnant.

xo jeanne.

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