Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas from BKB!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to Everyone!

From my family to yours.
I created this card using Picasa and Picmonkey.
Picasa for the collage and background. 
Picmonkey for lettering and graphics.

The kids are growing fast and oh so pretty and handsome!
I didn't make it into this picture as I wanted to show off the kids.
Happy is alive and well in our lives.

God bless all of you with 
happiness, health and prosperity in 2015.

Much Love.

xo jeanne.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Thrifting through the holidays.

I can't help myself but to pop into Goodwill throughout the holiday season.  
I pass up the 'Ugly Sweater' display easily.
(I lived through the 80's after all and probably owned a few.)
I have a deep seeded need to keep a lookout for vintage ornaments.
The quest gets me in the mood to decorate.

Sadly, this year no vintage ornaments have flown into my cart,
but a few goodies have found their way in.

A Christmas Card List tin
The original cards are inside.
Before the days of excel spreadsheets and downloading labels.
Even e-cards for that matter.
I think it can have a whole new life holding Christmas tags.

The little chick cup has a new purpose too.
 Keeping my earrings safe for 10 seconds before I lose them.

Then there's this:

I've looked for a year for a large piece of artwork for my apartment.
It started it's life at Marshall's, the tag was still on it.
It eventually found it's way to Goodwill where it was waiting for me.

It instantly made me think of Cheryl, Jenny and Jeanne.
Our Porch Nights live on.
Three lovely ladies, gorgeous.  

I think it looks pretty fantastic with my little metal tree.

xo jeanne. 

Sunday, November 16, 2014

bkb & shalavee.

The nicest thing happened while on the riverboat trip.
About an hour after I'd gotten the news that my friend Jenny had passed away,
An email came from a fellow blogger. 
She lives in the area where my mom and I were traveling.
She'd read my vacation post and how would we like to meet?  
How lovely! A much needed surprise.
The gift of friendship.
She is Shalagh of Shalavee. 
She has been a huge support to me and bkb for several years now.
She's been a great cyber buddy, always kind and a real life gal. 
She understands life stumbles, rebuilds and goes on.
She is quite right to call us kindred spirits.
How lucky we were to be able to meet in 'real life!' 

How lucky I was to be able spend time with my mom. 
We ate. We toured. We are now versed on the Revolutionary War.   
We played cards and met wonderful new friends. Darling people.  
The card game tally settled at 5-3, my favor.   
That furniture up there - miniatures from the La Grange Plantation.   
I took a pic of the lady's portrait because I thought it was hilarious. In her time - 
cleavage was alright, but elbows were risqué.  Gasp! Hide those elbows!  

Thank you for your kinds words and thoughts here and on Facebook 
regarding the loss of Jenny.

xo jeanne.

Friday, November 7, 2014

for darling jenny.

It seems inconceivable even as I write this.  
On Wednesday, our darling Jenny suddenly passed away. 
She was one of us. Mother first. A true girlfriend. Lead Minion.
She was the one to get things done.  Be in line to help.  To hug.  
If recognition was due - she'd make sure you'd get it.  
She'd include everyone and never leave you behind.  And now she has left us first.

I picture her entering heaven. She sees her sweet dad welcoming her and says:
"Hi Dad! So good to see you, but I thought you were dead?! What are you doing here?"
Then she would realize that she is there too.  She'd stare at him and ask:
"But what about Alex? What about Staci? What about Mom? Who will take care of them?!"
Her dad would say:
"You will. From here in heaven and you will do a wonderful job.  
You are a fantastic mother and daughter and always will be."
Then she would hand him all of her worries and hug him. The best hug that ever was.

Her funeral is on Tuesday. 
For the life of me, I cannot rectify this reality.
How we who are mourning her loss, will get through it - I have no idea.
She would be first one in a brutal situation like this to make sure everyone had a kleenex.
I picture her flitting around handing hankies out, shoving them into our hands. 
She would be the first one hugging us and making sure we were loved and alright.
She would be so confounded, having left so quickly and unable to hug us all goodbye.
This baffles me the most. 
The loss of her so quickly simply makes no sense.

As I can only speak for myself, I know that in my own grief and shock of the loss of Jenny -
there are also very good and happy memories.

Jenny, Wano, my personal Sally - I think of you only with a smile on your face and always at my side if ever you got the call. You would be there no questions asked.  No judgement.  Nothing needed to be said. Nothing explained. You were just there.  You were my comrade in arms with kids and work. 

Easy or difficult, it did not matter. When I left my husband with only a dresser - you asked what I needed. You found and brought me my darling kitchen chairs - one of the best finds ever.  The best thing - the pizza cutter. Everyone who comes over for pizza loves that damn pizza cutter, I swear.  Together we hammered things up. I painted the world on your wall. 

My dear girl, I still have a Miller 64 in my fridge leftover from our last Porch Night. I was saving it for you for your next drive by.  How can this be true that you will not be over the drink it? No more you, me, Cheryl on the porch. How is this possible? 

I am beyond grateful for your friendship. The lessons you taught me: 
To love. To show up. To not complain. We are here for a blink.  Leave nothing undone.

I see your face, your smile, your ponytail. I hear your voice, your laugh. 
My God, you are and were hilarious.
You loved your children with a ferocity that is unmatched. 
For Staci and Alex, my heart aches. 

For all of us, our circle just got a little smaller.  
How heartbroken we are to lose you much too soon.
How lucky heaven is to have you. 

I love you, as do many.
Please keep the minion bus safe till we see you again.
You have gone ahead, to make things better for things to come, to plan the best party.
Your traveling cooler, ready with a six-pack. 
How fantastic your new broom must be!

xo jeanne.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Shameless Vacation Selfie.

Amazingly, I am on vacation.
I called my mom a month ago and said I had some work PTO to burn.
I was hoping maybe she'd come visit.  
That was all well and good, but why stop there?  
She was in the mood to really get out and Go.  
So, it's a month later and here we are sailing along the Chesapeake Bay.   

I stole a shameless selfie feeling thin & young in the cute birthday gift my daughter gave me.
Mom and I started out at our hotel the night before we left port. 
We had a surprisingly delightful time at the hotel bar. We met the funnest group of people. Who knew? (raspberry vodka and lemonade.)

Since, mom and I have meandered the battlefield at Yorktown. Very cool.
Our Spite and Malice card game tally stands at 3 to 1, my favor. 
There has been a fantastic lamb shank, delish rock fish and wine, lots of wine. 
I am happy to say I am not the youngest person on board. 
I love hearing the water outside our balcony. 
There is a food opportunity every 12 minutes. 

Yes, that is my mother's Kermit the Frog up there. He goes with us.
The bed turner downer's pose him each evening. 
Last night, he was clearly hogging the Pino Grigio.  I was jealous.
This morning on the dock, there was a man & his dog, Maximus - who was true to his name.

In the morning we carry on to St. Michael's, Virginia. 
Who knows what merriment we will find?
Vacation is my friend.

xo jeanne.

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