Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The Child's Hutch is a Hoot!

Oh So Cute.
I went out on a limb....

I took my time and removed all the knobs and hinges before painting.
I washed it down and sanded it just till smooth. 
There has been lots of playtime with this little hutch and it showed.

Now it's ready for more. Pretend tea anyone?

I painted it inside and out.
The chevron inside the doors is shelf paper.
I replaced the original metal knobs with glass ones.
The darling child's size 'cooky press' set fits right in.

The owl and tree branches - I painted freehand.
I taped to paint the straight trunk.
All the red accents I had on hand.

So much fun. A darling project.
Surprisingly a bit more elbow grease than I first thought.
Taking off and replacing the hinges and door catches took some time and patience.
Worth it!

 Hoot Hoot.

xo jeanne.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Hello Happy.

He’d asked to meet on Thursday for lunch.
“Hmmm.” I thought. 
“That’s a bad day. Lunch would be too short and I’d be in my work clothes.”
I counter offered Saturday, but that didn’t feel quite right.  

Then I had an idea.
Thursdays, the Farmer’s Market is int the Big City and the food trucks are out.
Would it be too weird to suggest a Food Truck lunch 
then find a sunny spot to chat and eat?
If he was creepy, it would be easy to bolt. If he was decent, he might find it fun. Good plan.

I mulled it over for 2 days.  Do I be bold?  Why not?  Just ask.
He said; “Sure thing! Where and when.”

Thursday came. 
Then. Surprise. He is tall, chatty, handsome and outgoing. He speaks and smiles.
We bought falafels from a food truck then walked to a park in the city.

A bright sunny day. 
There was a group of senior citizen ladies doing a small tap dance show.
All in bright sequins, tassels and boa’s.  They were darling.  
Just our luck! Dinner and a show!

We ate and chatted so easily for an hour. He listened and asked questions. 
Silly and Quick and Fun.  We found things in common. 
Life things, growing up things, parent things. 

He wore a blue dress shirt and slacks. 
Because -  he knew he’d be in the city and wanted to look nice and fit in.
He’d thought of this ahead of time. (Does this happen? Is this possible?)

He noticed the Eyes.  
I noticed his height, handsomeness and hardworking hands.

After a bit, the dancing ladies had changed their clothes and come to eat their lunch the concrete steps nearby.  He wanted thank them for their performance because just being there to dance had added a fun treat.
So he did. He took my hand, went up to them and thanked them.
He told them; “We just met, can you believe it?!  And said they’d helped to make it great.
They couldn’t believe we’d just met.
One sweet lady pointed and mouthed to me: ‘He’s a keeper!’

This is when for me, the shock, feeling, relief.......or whatever it is – Whisper of a thrill? – began to make the trip through my unsuspecting heart and up to my befuddled brain.

We held hands, like silly school kids. 
We ran across streets back to my building, back to work. 

I let him kiss me goodbye and I kissed him back.
Simple quick kisses but – Electric. Crazy. Mind Boggling. Stunned.
We parted.  I was about 20 feet away and thinking; “Wow! What was that?!"
And he called after me, for one more hug. 
Me. Worth one more hug.

This actually happened.  True story.  Crazy silly happiness.
There have been many more dates and each one better than the last.

It's nutty, happy, good. 
My goodness, the laughter and peace.

xo jeanne.

Monday, September 15, 2014

The next project is child's play.

On the way to buy school clothes for my son, I spotted a thrift store I haven't been in before.  

So naturally, my car swerved into it's parking lot.
The store was huge and deep with halloween costume overload.  

I didn't have the time to really peruse, but I did head to the furniture section. 
At the moment, there seemed to be an over abundance of pet cages and grandma chairs.
But, I love it when I find stuff like this:

A child's play hutch.

It's old and super heavy. 
No doubt it has seen hours and hours of make believe.
It was full of old play food and has the tell-tale 'kid with a marker' evidence.

What got me is the little towel holder inside.

I love it's old hinges and all the potential it holds.

I need to spend some cleaning it up with my good friend Magic Eraser.
Cans of paint are standing by and my paintbrush is itching to get started.

My teenage son helped me get it into the car. 
Before I knew it, my next project was locked and loaded.
Then we were off to buy the school clothes.
I promise.

xo jeanne.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Little Miss Elbow Grease

Seeing it's mega potentialI picked up this fab ancient dresser.
I was told it sat in a barn for years and years. 
Then was rescued, stripped and became a never finished project.

Luckily for it and for me, actually doing a project and transforming things is my happy place.
I took it home and began to work.

There has been gluing, taping, sanding and painting.
Then some more of it. 
This piece has detail it's detail.
It's 95% done, so this is a giant tease. A before only.

I'm just glad I wasn't the one who did the stripping of the stain.
That dark drawer up there?   It's not black paint, its stain.
Can you imagine this whole piece stained that dark - 
Then removing it from the whole thing?
No wonder the previous owners didn't finish it. 
They were probably sick of the poor thing.

But, believe me. 
It is now lovely and has a whole new life ahead of it.
No dark stain in sight.

xo jeanne.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Waterfall Weekend.

Since I can't get to an actual waterfall, there's the next best thing:
Painting a waterfall dresser.

It's summer. It's hot. It's humid.
It's a perfect time to paint outside.

It was the prime opportunity to bring this piece back to life.

I pretended I was on a stay-cation with my paintbrush and Pandora.
I had a pretty productive weekend.
There was laundry, a closet cleaned out and I even paid my children to wash my car.
(I'm not above bribery.)

The blue is Annie Sloan's Chalk Paint - Provence.
The white is an 'oops' paint I picked at my local hardware store.
The mix is 1/2 cup creamy white, 1/4 heaping cup plaster of paris, 1/4 cup warm water.
When it was dry, I distressed it a bit and waxed with paste wax to give it a light sheen.

Good clean fun.
She came a long way.
  From stained neglect to fresh and fabulous.

Now, if only I had Monday off to make it a Real Stay-cation.
Oh well. A girl can dream.
At least there's coffee and what's really important:
French Vanilla creamer.

xo jeanne.

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