Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Let's play dress up!

Oh so lovely.

My family had one of these growing up.

There were seven of us, so you can imagine all the little clothes it had kept.
The one we had has been long since passed along to family members.

I was so happy to stumble across this piece, as I've been on the look-out for one to redo.
I pictured it's cuteness and childlike charm well before I'd even started.

You'll see the 'before' at the end of this post, but first:
This is the whimsy scene painted. 
A circus theme, courtesy of The Graphic's Fairy.
I turned it into a tightrope scene.
How could I resist that giraffe?

Since I started a few weeks ago, 
I've had visions of vintage baby clothes dancing in my head.
I found them at a local antique show.  Aren't they sweet?

The hangers, I had in my stash.
I knew they'd come in handy someday.

How can this not be delightful?

I seriously could have played with baby clothes and restyled this for days.
But alas, I have my own grown up laundry to do.
(not as fun.)

The Before and After.
So you can truly appreciate the transformation, here's the background story:

The woman it was purchased from said it originally had
 'bunny or ducks or something.' The original decal.

Tragically, she'd opted to completely remove that adorable scene
 and replace it with the Liberty Bell.

I've got to say I gave it my all and did my best to bring back it's charm.
Currently, it's filled with pretty dresses and in a happy home.

The paint is Miss Mustard Seed's - Apron Strings.
With Bonding Agent to resist the chippy-ness.
I tried it and I like it. (love.)

xo jeanne.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Bachman's Spring Ideas House 2015. Good Stuff.

Bachman's Ideas House - Spring 2015.
I am so glad I went! 
Here are some of my favorite take-away ideas:

A bicycle on the wall? Yes, please.
Cool bike and basket drapes?  Yeah, that's a shower curtain - restyled.
I say yes again.

The 'idea' was to bring the outside in.  
The designers certainly accomplished that.

After a long cold Minnesota winter, 
we're are anxious to get out, see lots of green and play in our gardens.

One of my favorite ideas was the wall lined with maps.
Pages and pages of maps.

A barn door, books and industrial inspired lamps to boot!
A nice focal point and a vignette on the wall.  Three dimentional effect.
I repeat, on the wall.
Why limit ourselves to a table top or mantel?
Use the whole dang wall.

N E X T:
Here's an aspect that I do like very much.

Notice the leaves. The are 'really' garden art. 
Each one is individually hung to create the headboard.
The creativity of that I really enjoy.
But then there is this; the dark parts of the 'leaves' are painted on the wall.
Not actually on the leaves at all. Nice 3D effect too.
Very cool.  Think of how that can be expanded on with other ideas.
Good Stuff.

The rooms were bright and the ideas were flowing.
I'm ready to rearrange a few things of my own.
To brighten up and dust. Do the windows too!
Put the boots away and bring out the sandals and gardening gloves.
Oh, it's time!

Thank you Bachman's for the invite!
xo jeanne.

The Spring Ideas House is open through April 19th. Go see! 

*the designs in the Ideas House are not my own. 
I was a spectator only.

Monday, March 16, 2015

She's so Vain.

Actually, she's just a really pretty vanity.

She deserves to brag a bit. She's chippy and new again.

Painted with Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint.
Eulalie's Sky. 
Such a great color! Thank you MMS!

**it must be noted** 
To take these pictures - imagine me a contortionist flattening myself to the floor and/or suspended from the ceiling as to not be reflected in the mirror. 
All while wearing my pajamas and my painting apron.
That alone would make a great blog post.

I sanded this piece within an inch of it's life and washed it down twice.
Still the drawers came out unevenly chippy.
Chalk it up to character.

I added white paint detail to the lower bottom of the 'shelf.'
Also, I added painted detail above the two top drawers.
I couldn't help myself.

These two fab finds.
The Hat box and The Ironstone. 
Possible to have too many?
as if.

I found them within the last few weeks.
One at Goodwill, one at a little antique shop.
Both whispered staging to me and I quickly agreed.

Have a great week!
xo jeanne.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Banner Up!

This pretty highboy gets a boost.

I used Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint. Mustard yellow.
Chippy wonderfulness is the result.

An idea came to me while driving.
(Who says good ideas only come in the shower?)
The painted banner. 

 I fashioned a triangle template from a file folder and traced it onto the dresser with chalk.
I painted the flags with a watered down white latex,
 adding the 'gingham' with a watered down light grey.

I sanded it lightly before painting.
Miss Mustard Seed's paint does the chippiness all by itself, which is why I love it so.
The piece is finished with a coat of hemp oil.

Wouldn't this be adorable in a child's room?
Or, in a washroom to hold guest towels?
What a fun pop of color.

The pretty mirror comes in handy &
balances the bunting beautifully, Baby.

xo jeanne. 

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Hello Sunshine.

So much better.
This piece sat for a long time lost and forgotten. Can you imagine?

Rescued and given justice to her curves and details.
Wiping off the dusty years, sanding smooth and airing out... whew.

I say her future is Sunny and Bright.

Such pretty details. 
All I could see is yellow when I picked it up.
I' m glad I went  bold. This piece deserves it!

Do you remember when I started?
It's taken me a bit too long to get it done.
It did take elbow grease for sure and some extra work I simply put off. Guilty.

I've been a busy woman and having a fantastic time living and having fun too.
Busy is good and motivation is too. It feels good to get this one done.
Life, sunny and bright.

xo Jeanne

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